Picture of REALISTIC Harry Potter Wand - in 10 Minutes
I'm putting on a show in September with a Harry Potter booth and am getting ready for the full on costume with a Harry Potter wand in my hand. Here's the how-to for this easy and realistic wand made from a thrift-store dowel and a bit of paint.

If you'd like to see more of my DIY props as I get ready for the show, you can visit my website or shop here:
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
A dowel (or stick)
A saw (or other cutting tool)
Paint & brush (acrylic basics)
Glue Gun (+ Glue sticks)
Craft Varnish (or clear nail polish)
A gem (optional)

Step 2: Cutting the dowel

Picture of Cutting the dowel
Measure dowel to the length you want, mark with pencil and cut (I cut to 12 inches). If you find you need to, like I did, use a bit of sandpaper on the end that was cut.

Step 3: Adding the PIZAZZ

Picture of Adding the PIZAZZ
This is the fun part!

The first thing you want to do is start at the very end and work your way down by squeezing BIG globs of glue that ooze down the sides of the dowel. The more, the better, but don't get burned! Just remember - all things in moderation.

I found an old bead from some necklace at a thrift store which I stuck on the end. I let the glue harden and then pulled it off to paint black beneath it so it stood out better. I glued it back on after I painted it.

Step 4: Painting the wand

Picture of Painting the wand

Step 5: Varnish

Picture of Varnish
alice123asd made it!11 months ago

i made it

Printy (author)  alice123asd18 days ago

Looks awesome! You made that? So cool!

it looks great!

I WANT TO DO THIS!!!!! Thanks for this, it's really good,and now I won't have to waste A LOT of money to buy one. I'll comment and add photos when it's done

Printy (author)  marlena.iacometti21 days ago
Awesome! So glad you liked the Instructable. I would love to see pictures when its done! :)

Ya. I'm hoping to make it this weekend. I showed it to my other friend and she said she is definitely make one. Buying them costs a lot of money when you can easily make one.

Printy (author)  marlena.iacometti21 days ago
Yeah, it's so much cheaper to make these at home. And if you wanted to go all out, there are tutorials on making the boxes too (YouTube). Best of luck! :)
I gotta get a glue gun! Ive never seen a harry potter wand tutorial that doesn't involve one! If you know of one, HOOK. ME. UP!
BoniP3 months ago

This is a great idea, but can you use regular universal glue(E6000 glue) instead hot glue because it's not available in my country. Please respond quickly because I want to make one for my friends birthday!

mvanderdeen2 years ago
ive had a cool idea for this hollow it out and use a heating element and batteries in the handle add a little pyrotechnics and magic happens
I did a pyrotechnic prop wand for a play once. It was a hollow tube, with a 9v battery, a switch and a model rocket igniter in the handle end. To create the effect, a small wad of flash paper was stuffed down the tube. When the button was pressed, the igniter would set off the flash paper and a small, fairly harmless, ball of fire would shoot out. This was being used around kids, so it had to be "relatively" tame. If I did it now, I'd use smaller batteries or see if a piezo igniter would do the trick.
Printy (author)  monkeyracing1 year ago
Wow! That is so cool! I imagine quite a reaction from the crowd. Great idea - thanks a ton for sharing!
Printy (author)  mvanderdeen2 years ago
haha! That would be pretty crazy!
rrkrose2 years ago
I remember when I was probably 10 my mom would take me to this harry potter themed store in LA and buy me wands about once a month (because I broke them all the time). It would have been really helpful (and a lot cheaper) to know how to make these. Thanks for the great 'ible!
Printy (author)  rrkrose2 years ago
No prob! I totally relate to the story - I broke things all the time as a kid. Tended to make myself replacements for anything I broke ( to avoid getting in trouble? ) which is where the idea for these came from. :)
giike32 years ago
Cool I'm a huge Harry potter fan I'm going to My home town thrift store right know
Printy (author)  giike32 years ago
Awesome! Post a pic if you want. I'd love to see it!
millennium32 years ago
Great technique to make some walking sticks also.
Printy (author)  millennium32 years ago
Hey, that's a great idea! Or chopsticks - now THOSE would be fun to eat with! (food-grade varnish of course)
sunshiine2 years ago
Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Printy (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thanks for commenting! :)
wow this is very clever
i'm going to amke my little sister one :D
she loves harry potter stuff
although i'll have to use pva glue
Printy (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
Sweet! I hope she enjoys! :)