I'm putting on a show in September with a Harry Potter booth and am getting ready for the full on costume with a Harry Potter wand in my hand. Here's the how-to for this easy and realistic wand made from a thrift-store dowel and a bit of paint.

If you'd like to see more of my DIY props as I get ready for the show, you can visit my website or shop here:
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Step 1: Materials

A dowel (or stick)
A saw (or other cutting tool)
Paint & brush (acrylic basics)
Glue Gun (+ Glue sticks)
Craft Varnish (or clear nail polish)
A gem (optional)


<p>Oh my goodness I am planning my wedding in the future and want to give wands as favors and kind of make them a little personalized. This is a wonderful instructable, I will definitely be using this tutorial when i make them. I have to make over 100 so hopefully it will go as smoothly as this looks.</p>
Awesome! If you want to make a bunch at once like this, I recommend using something to place your wands in while the glue and paint dries. I used a cereal box and punched holes all the way through so I could prop wands up. It also helped for dribbling the glue on. You could use a block of wood with holes in it, or virtually anything you like as long as you don't mind getting a drop of glue or dab of paint on it. And as a side note, you're gonna need a LOT of hot glue gun sticks. :)
<p>Hahaha i am already preparing for that and i'll need a lot of jewels for them. Thank you for sharing that, a block of wood or cereal box would work perfectly. I'm pretty resourceful when it comes to getting creative lol.</p>
<p>I made it yo</p>
I gotta get a glue gun! Ive never seen a harry potter wand tutorial that doesn't involve one! If you know of one, HOOK. ME. UP!
<p>I have been experimenting with easy DIY ways to make wands that don't use hot glue. So far I've liked polymer clay and spackle.<br><br>https://djinnjuice.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/wands/</p>
<p>I made it this way with the hot glue but it looked pretty iffy. I retried it with polymer clay and spackle and like the results a lot more. Here's some pics of the wand I made.<br>https://djinnjuice.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/wands/</p>
<p>Nice! My friend we one for me with toothpicks!</p>
That's cool! Would love to see a pic of it! I have always liked miniatures, they are so fun. :)
<p>Of course it was tiny, but it is cool!</p>
<p>Of course it was tiny, but it is cool!</p>
<p>Of course it was tiny, but it is cool!</p>
<p>OMG - I am getting your stuff off of Etsy. Started doing some research and find YOU again here! You are the BEST Printy!</p>
<p>Haha! Thanks Angela! I love your enthusiasm. Glad you are enjoying the templates and tutorials! :D Always the best to see people you like on different sites. </p>
<p>Thats real cool ! How did u get the swirly effect on the handle in the bottom right picture on step 5 vanish ? </p>
<p>Hot glue I think, not entirely sure but that's the most logical thing I can think of</p>
<p>Cool i made two of them one i used a chisel the other i just used a pocket knife and i did what u did they turned out great!!!!</p>
<p>i made it</p>
<p>Looks awesome! You made that? So cool! </p>
<p>it looks great! </p>
<p>I WANT TO DO THIS!!!!! Thanks for this, it's really good,and now I won't have to waste A LOT of money to buy one. I'll comment and add photos when it's done</p>
Awesome! So glad you liked the Instructable. I would love to see pictures when its done! :)
<p>Ya. I'm hoping to make it this weekend. I showed it to my other friend and she said she is definitely make one. Buying them costs a lot of money when you can easily make one. </p>
Yeah, it's so much cheaper to make these at home. And if you wanted to go all out, there are tutorials on making the boxes too (YouTube). Best of luck! :)
<p>This is a great idea, but can you use regular universal glue(E6000 glue) instead hot glue because it's not available in my country. Please respond quickly because I want to make one for my friends birthday!</p>
ive had a cool idea for this hollow it out and use a heating element and batteries in the handle add a little pyrotechnics and magic happens
I did a pyrotechnic prop wand for a play once. It was a hollow tube, with a 9v battery, a switch and a model rocket igniter in the handle end. To create the effect, a small wad of flash paper was stuffed down the tube. When the button was pressed, the igniter would set off the flash paper and a small, fairly harmless, ball of fire would shoot out. This was being used around kids, so it had to be &quot;relatively&quot; tame. If I did it now, I'd use smaller batteries or see if a piezo igniter would do the trick.
Wow! That is so cool! I imagine quite a reaction from the crowd. Great idea - thanks a ton for sharing!
haha! That would be pretty crazy!
I remember when I was probably 10 my mom would take me to this harry potter themed store in LA and buy me wands about once a month (because I broke them all the time). It would have been really helpful (and a lot cheaper) to know how to make these. Thanks for the great 'ible!
No prob! I totally relate to the story - I broke things all the time as a kid. Tended to make myself replacements for anything I broke ( to avoid getting in trouble? ) which is where the idea for these came from. :)
Cool I'm a huge Harry potter fan I'm going to My home town thrift store right know
Awesome! Post a pic if you want. I'd love to see it!
Great technique to make some walking sticks also.
Hey, that's a great idea! Or chopsticks - now THOSE would be fun to eat with! (food-grade varnish of course)
Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for commenting! :)
wow this is very clever <br>i'm going to amke my little sister one :D <br>she loves harry potter stuff <br>although i'll have to use pva glue
Sweet! I hope she enjoys! :)

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