Introduction: ROB ZOMBIE!!!!

(ANNOUNCEMENT: Answering the public concern about the Atari joysticks, I declare the controls were damaged, broken and without any possible reparation, so I gift them a second life. So relax everyone! No living Atari joystick was killed in the process.)

Ready for another plastic junk idea? IT'S ROB ZOMBIE'S TIME!!!!

We will transform an old diskettes box, an older Atari Joystick and other plastic stuff into an ugly creepy zombie-style decorative figure. Its horrified eyes glow with yellow light, and its heart changes of light color, as heartbeats... And it's easy to build!! And if you get enough stuff, you can build your Rob Zombie Army!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, as the Great Tallahassee says: "Time to nut up, or shut up!", and lets enjoy this little thing!!!

Step 1: Rob Zombie-land Rules...

Do you remember Zombieland Rules? Well, it's time to remember M.C. Langer building rules:

1. If you don't have it, replace it!
2. Use protective equipment (dust mask)
3. Beware of drilled and soldered hot surfaces
4. Work in a good ventilated area.
5. Always have junk in stock
6. Enjoy!


2 Oven knobs
4 small iron angles
1 Atari 2600 joystick
1 Diskettes box
2 car lighter plugs
1 plastic piece for the neck (see the instructable picture)
1 small spring
2 roll-on deodorant balls
2 roll-on deodorant caps
1 parfum plastic ball (or anithing roundshape for the heart)
2 big yellow LEDs (for the eyes)
1 big changeable color LED (for the chest)
3 resistors 220 ohm (red red brown gold)
1 switch
1 AA Battery box
2 AA Batteries
1 small plastic case (for the back)
Wire (red and black)
screws and nuts
tin soldering

soldering iron
Dremel Rotary Tool

Step 2: The Electronics...

It's like the Valentine's Robogrinch circuit, but with one more LED.

Step 3: The Head...

Step 4: The Body...

Step 5: Finished!!




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Hey AudiOslave sabias que hay un grupo musical norteamericano que toca "rockcito"-pop llamado audioslave.... interesante HA! por cierto M.C soy Caleño y bacano ver a gente por aquí, me parece chevere tus ROB ZOMBIES.

Jejejejejejejejeje!!! Gracias Aeek!!! Qué bueno encontrar más compatriotas por estos lados!!!! Te invito a que mires mis otros instructables. Espero que te gusten!

Congrats, really nice robot, I was thinking of doing something similar but instead of a joystick I am using 6 floppy disks to form a cube and a couple of plastic belts to make it look like a Wall E, great work , saludos

me refiero ha un video

Aquí les dejo un video de mi "Güali"

Here is a video of my "Güali"

estan bien padres tus robots amigo te dejo un saludo y haber si puedes subir como hacer alguno para los que no tenemos tanta imaginacion espero que si los puedas subir...

Muchas gracias Zapzapata. Por lo general no filmo videos del proceso, pero estoy haciendo instructivos de casi cada nuevo que saco. Mantente sintonizado!

could you make an ible' on this?

Sorry, but I built it when a didn't know Instructables, so I didn't take any photo of the process. But maybe the next time. Thanks!