This is a radio controlled hovercraft with an all cardboard body, and  plastic skirt. This hovercraft is highly maneuverable, and extremely simplistic in design. Since the design of this hovercraft includes swap-able motors and other electronics, the electronics can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle thus reducing costs. The environmental impact of building this hovercraft is minimal since cardboard (renewable), and plastic (recyclable) are two major aspects of the design. Due to the electric nature of this hovercraft, no Carbon Dioxide emissions are released. 

Step 1: Secure the Supplies

To make this hovercraft, you will need a/an:

1. 18A Brushless ESC(Electronic Speed Control)  (banana connectors/heat sink tubing may be needed)
2.  8.4 gram Servo
3. 37gram 1300 KV Motor
4. Lithium Polymer Battery: 2-3 Cells
5. radio reciever/ transmitter 
6. ~1cm wooden cylinder/rod
7. 8*4 8*3.8 ( 8in diameter propeller, 4 in pitch propeller) 
8. cardboard box
9. tape
10. hot glue
11. plastic bag(zip lock, or any other flat flexible bag that can be sealed)
12. scissors/X-Acto cutting blade
13. clevices, control rods of some kind
The ESC, servo, and motor can be obtained from this link directly. Depending on stock, the battery, receiver and transmitter may be available from this site also.

it's an awesome project
<p>design very smart!</p>
video is broken <br>
If you're using the Instructables site on a desktop, or laptop, the video should work. If you're using the Instructables App, I have provided a link to view the video
ok well it first says that embeding disabled by request , is what i was tryin to say but very cool instructible tho <br>
Can i get further details about this ??
What would you like me to expand on?
I value your support.
Awesome job
Cool. <br>
Wow! Wannahavewannamake!
Thanks a lot!
Neat. You may have inspired me to make my own version. If I do I will credit you for the idea.
Awesome! I'm just trying to reduce CO2 emissions, and encourage the growth of sustainable, reusable, or recyclable products one view at a time.
check out hobbyking.com for some cheap rc gear <br>
Thanks for contributing sources.
Well done!
Thank you!
Thanks! <br>
If you added in an extra servo on another channel you could make it so the fan is directed completely into the piece of cardboard that funnels it into the skirt and then use the servo to open up new slit/hole that would allow for varied forward thrust while still keeping the fan at full power and bag inflated at all times. <br> <br>I would try to create this to demonstrate, but I don't have all the necessary hardware. It would be cool if you included a link to an affordable Transmitter / RX to go with the kit of the motor, servos, and ESC. Good work though!
Here's a link to multiple transmitters. Just Copy and Paste. <br> <br>http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9042__Hobby_King_2_4Ghz_6Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_2_.html <br> <br>http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16239__HobbyKing_HK6S_2_4Ghz_FHSS_6Ch_Tx_Rx_Mode_2_.html <br> <br>http://www.nitroplanes.com/79p-th9x-r9b-9channel-radio.html <br> <br>You can even check eBay, or amazon
hummm i curious about plastic bag skirt? at bottom part have any air leak?
That's awesome. Shame you disabled embedding on the video, though.&nbsp; <br> <br>The balance seems a little off, especially at low speed. Maybe mount the battery pack further forward?
I balanced the battery pack so the craft would be tail heavy, because that was the optimum setting for a low turn radius, and good handling. I will try to research your question further, and give you a better answer.

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