I was a big fan of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance right after I first played the demo video game and thought Raiden was awesome.  How can a cyborg ninja not be cool?  This was a new challenge for me, as I have never freehanded a costume before.  After a little research on google, this is how I ended up making my Raiden cosplay with motorized face sheild.  Total time was about 12 weeks to make, which was much quicker than I thought I could make it.

More photos on my blog and facebook:


Here is a quick demo video of the process and the motorized face shield:

Step 1: Create Patterns From Reference Photos

I would say patterning is the most important step of making a costume or prop.  With sub-par patterns, the end result will not look too great.  There are times where I re-did my patterns multiple times till I felt okay with the piece.  Looking at my completed Raiden now, there are still pieces I would like to re-pattern and re-make but I felt it was good enough for a first shot.

Materials I used for this step:
  •     Plenty of reference photos (I just google images and download whatever I can find)
  •     Ruler or sewing tape measure
  •     Card Stock - 110 lb
  •     X-ACTO Knife
  •     Self Healing Cutting Mat
  •     Scotch Tape

1) I downloaded multiple photos online of Raiden in attempt to get every angle of his costume to make.

2) I would then choose a piece that I wanted to make and then envisioned how many pieces I would need to make the part.
For example, the bicep looks like it can be split into 3 main sections:
  •     center
  •     upper left side
  •     lower left side
Since this piece is symmetrical, I would just need to pattern the center and left side (then flip it over to use as the right side)

3) In order to scale my pieces properly in real life, I would measure the total height of Raiden on the photo, take measurements (in centimeters) of the part I wanted to make, then use a simple formula with my height to get the approximate scale for real life.

Bicep_center_length = (My_Height (in cm) x Raiden_Photo_Height)/(Raiden_bicep center_length)
Bicep_center_width = (My_Height x Raiden_Photo_Height)/(Raiden_bicep center_width)

4) Once I had a width/height estimate of each section of the piece, I drew a box with those dimensions on cardstock.  If the cardstock was too small, I taped sheets together with scotch tape to make a bigger sheet.

5) Within the boarders of the box I just drew, I would freehand sketch the part I was trying to make.  I am really bad at drawing so it took a few tries till I felt “eh, good enough.”  I also made sure to cut out holes for the 200+ grommet holes that would need to be filled later.

6) I then cut out the pattern with an Xacto knife

I used these same techniques for every section, including the props such as the sword and holster.Again, I want to reiterate patterning is a VERY IMPORTANT step in making your armor.  Bad patterns will result in a bad end product.  So, if you try these techniques and you are unhappy with how your pattern turned out, then redo it!  No biggy!  I assume you cosplay for fun just like me, so we're not pros or anything!
<p>Definitely nice. I would have made the Face Shield fold back to the sides of the head, if possible, but for what is done here, it is still rather impressive.</p>
<p>can you make a video on how to make the face shield?im thinking of making it</p>
<p>This is one of the most impressive cosplay builds <em><strong>ever</strong></em>! If you can, I'd be very grateful if you could post videos on how to make the visor, if not all of the costume... :D</p>
Hey I need help with the measurements can u help me please
<p>This is incredible......</p>
about how much did it cost to make it
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win good luck!
Thanks for the support!
This costume is amazing, definitely one of the best ive ever seen! Great job!
Wow, that's a huge compliment, thank you!
That is awesome!!
Thank you Honus! I love reading about your work!
incredible....I have alsways wanted to make foam armor but never have been able to...could you please make some instructables on how to make armor? that would be great! keep up the good work!
Have you had a chance to read the entire post? I think I put enough info in here for someone to make foam armor.
My gods man! Go into armor making! First Iron Man, now this! I have become a fan!
Very cool, how much would I expect to have a project like this cost in materials? $200? $300?
I'm not exactly sure... I try not to count how much I spend so I don't make myself feel bad hahah. I think I spent less than $40 on foam, probably $100-$200 on paints, and then another $80 on electronics.
I totally understand. I think I was off because I didn't factor in the electronics.
sooo cool, I voted for you, and wish you success in the contest
Thanks for the support!
This looks amazing! Not just the costume; the instructions are really clear, too. Well done!
Thank you! I try my best to document stuff I make.
can you upload all the files you used to make this please?
&quot;Step 1: Create Patterns From Reference Photos&quot;
Great costume. I love the details, and that motorized face shield is so good!
Awesome, keep up the good work :D
Nicely Done!
Magnificent craftsmanship.
very good work
That sword is wicked awesome.
Wow really awesome. I tried making a foam armor costume and it didn't turnout nearly as good as yours. Keep up the good work! :D
Thanks! Just takes some patience and not being afraid to re-work things.
Absolutely wonderful! I am glad to see something other than Halo cosplay. If only I were still young and not married, I would love to make an awesome suit to wear at Akon or any other game/anime convention.
Thank you! You can do it to. I'm married =P
This is incredible.
Thank you!

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