Picture of Rainbow Loom Ladder Braclet
This is a very easy and fun braclet to make. Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
2014, 2:55 PM.jpg
2014, 2:55 PM.jpg
2014, 2:55 PM.jpg
You will need: a loom, hook, elastics and a C clip.

Step 2: Placing The Elastics

Picture of Placing The Elastics
2014, 2:55 PM.jpg
First pick three colours and start at the center peg.Put your outside colour out to the left and right peg.
Now with the same colour, go all the way up on the loom.

Step 3: The Ladder

Picture of The Ladder
2014, 2:55 PM.jpg
Place a different colour on the second pegs and go all the way up like a ladder.

Step 4: Middle

Picture of Middle
2014, 2:55 PM.jpg
Now choose a different colour and place it on the 1st and 2nd pegs on the middle row. Then continue this pattern all the way up the middle row.

Step 5: Hooking

Picture of Hooking
Now your going to turn your loom around and put a capping band on the center peg. Then you get your hook and get the blue elastic and bring it to the peg in front of it. Now you're going to hook the blue elastics all the way up the middle.

Step 6: The Ladder 2

Picture of The Ladder 2
Now you're going to take the colour of the ladder and place the elastics in the same spots as you did on the last ladder.

Step 7: Hooking The Perimeter

Now you're going to get under the capping band and get the first elastic and hook it to the side and go all the way up on both sides.

Step 8: Taking The Braclet Off

Picture of Taking The Braclet Off
2014, 3:15 PM.jpg
Then you're going to put you're hook through the center peg and take a colour and pull it through. Now you can pull your braclet off the loom.

Step 9: Finishing The Braclet

Picture of Finishing The Braclet
2014, 3:15 PM.jpg
Then you take your extention colour and place the elastics all the way up the loom. Now put the elastic that you pulled through all the elastics and place it on the loom.
Now turn your loom around and hook the blue elastics all the way up.
Then you put the C clip on the elastic and pull it off.
Now you hook the C clip to the black capping band.
Now your braclet is all done! :)
chloiee1 year ago
how many bands do you need for each part???
tegan1231 year ago

Thank you so much :)

Dudespie1 year ago

can you give more instruction on how to hook the perimeter?

same with me because i was lost lol.

your intractable was very helpful
thank you soo much!
thank you soo much!
mcantu61 year ago

very helpful and easy

chacha5551 year ago
Very easy to follow and very detailed instrutions and pics
1054151 year ago
Amazing! I love it so much! It's so clear and easy to understand and it is so easy! Thx do much ??
gonzo3191 year ago

Need bigger pics

bmath20201 year ago
Thank you this helped me so much!!

I loved that all your pics are nice and crisp so its easy to see step by step what you're doing. =)

Thanks for the help! I'm so stuck on how to make bracelets and this really helped! :)
shan_2004 (author) 1 year ago
Please comment :(