Ramen Noodle With a Coffee Maker :D





Introduction: Ramen Noodle With a Coffee Maker :D

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Unusual , yes but deli and speed.
At this moment I don't have an stove at home.
So we use the coffee maker to cook.
It really works.
Try it !

- Ingredients:  only noodle and water :P 



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    I did forget it because I had drunk to much that Sunday..hehehe so I did just on next day :D shame , I lost my sugru

    yeh... I melt chocolate with my sandwich maker..
    Do you know Fondue ?
    The sandwich maker safe heat , so we can smearing the fruits and the chocolate does not cool.
    I think I 'll do an ible about it ;D
    "Fondue with a sandwich maker"

    That would be interesting.  I like to use machines/tools in ways they weren't designed to be used although I'm not sure what a sandwich maker is.  I have a George Foreman grill and use that for grilling sandwiches.

    a sandwich make (I'm not sure, if it is so called in English) ..
    but it seems like a gril George foreman,, but I think a GF would be to hot
    for making a fondue. We need to try :D

    :D that is what I call "NeeD" !!!
    I have no stove at home hahahhahahahha
    so I tried to make this , or would eat only
    cold foods.

    I've done this before, too! When I was not allowed to use a stove! Haaa....

    Either way, I think it is easier than using a stove (:

    This also works fine with one of those industrial coffee makers with hot water dispensers (for tea) that you tend to find in corporate break rooms and such. Just take a heat-proof cup, make it about 2/3 full of broken-up Ramen, sprinkle seasonings, fill with hot water, cover with something, and let steep for a few minutes, and eat...