Sometimes, someone post a particularly helpful comment that you'd like to acknowledge. Other times, people post rather idiotic ones that you wish weren't there.

Like digg, this Greasemonkey script allows you to rate comments.

As of now, the userbase is enough for ratings to have some meaning. However, the more people that use the script, the better & more useful the ratings, and thus the script, become.

Step 1: Install Greasemonkey

Although Greasemonkey was originally for Firefox, several browsers now have equivalents. Follow the directions for whichever browser you use.

Firefox: Install this extension and restart Firefox.
Safari: Follow steps 1-4 of this tutorial.
Epiphany: Install epiphany-extensions using your package manager or via the link. Enable Greasemonkey under Tools > Extensions.
Opera: Nothing!

If you have instructions of another browser, let me know!
09df6e43 --'' [http://ibles.appspot.com/ For Comment Rater Script] '' <br>Seeing if it works.
a950699c --'' [http://ibles.appspot.com/ For Comment Rater Script] ''
Just tried it... doesn't seem to work.<br> <ol> <li> Installed the greasemonkey add-on <li> Clicked on the link in step 2 (firefox) <li> Entered in kcls <li> Clicked continue <li> Copied and pasted the link into my OB <li> Refreshed my OB, and nothing happened. </ol> Any suggestions? Anyone?<br>
Script is outdated. Sad but true. :(
With all the new instructables stuff going on, will this still work?<br />
<em>Firefox: Click the link. A dialog should appear. After accepting, the script will be installed.</em><br/>What link?!<br/>
It is so frustrating when they do that. XD
It is because that instructables uses a redirection thing now!
No they don't...?
Yeah they do
They use <a rel="nofollow" href="http://redirectingat.com/">http://redirectingat.com/</a><br/>
Who? And Why?
Instructables uses it because... I dont really know
oh wow that helped allot XD
i was being sarcastic XD
Yeah it is
yeah, XD
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://ibles.appspot.com/signup">http://ibles.appspot.com/signup</a> -- you need to follow step 2 to get the link.<br/>
Ok, I just did that And there is no link anywhere...<sub>this is sick</sub><br/>
Even after i refreshed, For like 10 times...
Okay, I think I figured it out<br/><br/>Instructables has a delay between when you post a comment and when it appears. So, you'll have to make that comment again (so that it is your most recent comment) and wait until it appears <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/ReCreate/?show=comments&limit=1">here</a>. Then, you should be able to continue &amp; post more comments. Sorry it has to work this way. With the new pro benefits, I might be able to work something out via PMs.<br/>
New pro benefits on orangeboards? Also, I can't post a comment on my orangeboard...
Not sure what you mean? But it doesn't matter where you post it, just as long as it's a comment. You could post it here if you'd like.
Hmm ok then...
Did it work
Yes it worked now, I had to wait about an hour before it would give me my script
YAY mine works now too
I'm sorry it's such a pain... it seems instructables has changed. I'm trying to work on a new method that uses PMs. Hopefully it will make the process easier. In the meantime, I'm sorry it's such a pain.
Its ok, But just warn the users in the instructable that you have to wait that long...
I haven't had time to do it yet...
Since I dont have it can you tell me what I am rated
3 stars,not rated yet
So is it not rated or is it rated 3 stars
2 and 1/2 stars
Yay! I love this script. :D
Wow you sure are rated high :D
What Script???
Did you even bother to read the steps in order? Try starting with Step 1.
<strong>Exactly</strong> what i did, Still no script in sight.<br/>
Are you kidding?
No, he's not kidding. This is perfectly consistent with his commentary elsewhere.
Was anyone talking to you, No.
No i am not<br/><em>To install the script...</em><br/><em></em><br/>Is this a joke, There is nothing in there, Blank, Nothing,zippo, nada.<br/>
Thanks :D
Finally, It worked!

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