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14, 4:13 PM.jpg

When I first saw Captain America: Winter Soldier shortly after it premiered in theaters, I was in awe. It was easily the best Marvel movie I had ever seen. He had always been my favorite superhero, with his adventurous story, his good character, his quick thinking, and of course, his amazing shield.

Having known of Instructables for years now, I've seen the amazing tutorials you all have made. So for a while now I have been brainstorming to create something better than I have ever made before, something... super. That's when it hit me: The Shield. I've heard about and even talked to many people who would love to own a legitimate replica of the famous shield. But there is also a certain satisfaction that comes from building something yourself. So I went to work, and after months of sketching, measuring, planning and building, this Instructable is ready to be shared. I have designed the handles in a way that while still acting as handles, may be pulled from the back of the shield to convert them into shoulder straps, so you may wear the shield on your back.

So for those reading, thank you! I hope you enjoy. And to those of you who decide to make your own shield, I hope you have a super time!

Let's get started!

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Super Rohit24 days ago
Where can we get that MH sacuar shield
jgderuvo made it!24 days ago

Well, sort of. I couldn't find a saucer since they are out of season and ridiculously expensive on eBay. So I made a cardboard shield design from Dali Lomo combined with a simpler variant of your back end of the shield. I used nylon webbing instead of leather because it's cardboard! But the spirit is there.

NickM171 month ago

Fantastic build! I was wondering where you got the steel. I can't seem to find anything like what you described.

This is by far the best tutorial I have found for a CATWS shield after searching for a long time... Great job, very well presented and professional ?? So I think I have a few ideas for some changes to suit me, but I am definitely going to be using this tutorial and making a shield soon! Luckily my dad is good at finding things on sale or at lower prices, so i can hopefully make it without going broke ?.

Also, The Winter Soldier is probably my favorite Marvel film ever... Currently more so than AOU. Just wanted to add that side note?
KevanS281 month ago

Maybe someone can help answer if they know... Tons of comments, (understandable, amazing job) so you may have answered this.... But I found the saucer in plastic and metal, would the steps be the same overall if I used the metal saucer instead?

JennyM51 month ago

Hi, this is such a great tutorial! I'm in the midst of making the shield right now for use in a Peggy Carter costume (replicating this scene: (

My question is about the back straps. Did you measure yourself to figure out how long they would need to be in order to cut the metal pieces? I'm thinking I may need to modify them a bit for comfort thanks to having a different build by virtue of my gender. Any tips for how you figured out the length you needed to make them? Thanks in advance!

trans4mation (author)  JennyM51 month ago

Thanks for your comment! To attempt and answer your question, I'll give you a few details about my mindset while working on the straps.

1. I am not a very muscular guy. I had pretty much bet that with the amount of leather I'd be using, it'd be enough to fit my back. Well, although it did fit on my back, it didn't allow room for a lot of growth. I would attribute this to the concave nature of the shield, which unfortunately cancels out the lengthiness of the straps.

2. While building the shield I was less focused on how well it would fit me, and more on movie accuracy. The result happened to luckily fit me based on my smaller design, but I am not confident it would comfortably fit larger or differently developed figures. Not being a lady, I am unsure how much you would need to modify the straps - however I am confident it can be successfully done.

Conclusion: Two ways to fix this come to mind: Either 1. add extra leather, and try to fit it inside the shield, or 2. develop the longer, middle part of each strap to be adjustable. Maybe with velcro if you're only using it as a prop? I would go with the latter.

I hope your shoot goes well, it sounds like a lot of fun! I should really get into that show... I've heard good things about it.

Thanks, that's really helpful! I'm leaning right now towards getting a pair of suspenders I can wear under the costume and attach a ton of magnets to, then placing corresponding magnets on the shield. You're exactly right, since it doesn't matter what the backside looks like, I can load it up with strategically placed magnets - some for the handholds and some (hopefully) strong enough to hold it to my back. Might take a bit of trial and error but I'll figure it out.

Thanks again, I'll post pics of the finished product when I get there!

trans4mation (author)  JennyM51 month ago

Great minds think alike! I had considered doing something very similar in order to attach via magnets, that's technically what Cap's shield does these days. I look forward to seeing your progress!

ChrisK201 month ago
Really great shield! I want to use your handle style, but I'm not clear on how you attach the ties onto the metal strips. Can you elaborate on that?
trans4mation (author)  ChrisK201 month ago

You can attach the cable ties to the steel pieces by pre-drilling holes in the steel where you would like them to be, then secure the cable ties on top of the holes by drilling a screw through the ties and into the steel. If I still haven't explained well enough, PM me and I can try and go into depth.

I just got my list together, i plan to buy all the stuff on the next few weeks, i will post soon my results!
trans4mation (author)  Cap America 1 month ago

Looking forward to it!

I could only find a purple or orange sled. Would this work just as well, if you are still painting it silver?

trans4mation (author)  dragonrising1 month ago

Definitely will still work. Either one really, whatever is cheapest/you feel would work best.

syke25 made it!1 month ago
Not captain america, but I used your tutorial. very simple to follow, just had a little trouble getting the handles to hold on.
trans4mation (author)  syke251 month ago

That looks super sweet! Nice job with that paint!

luisuchiha3 months ago
I wondering if I can pay you to make me one, are you interested?
trans4mation (author)  luisuchiha1 month ago

I get this request a lot, and I have both a long and short answer as to why I am not able to mass produce. The short answer is that this project took me an enormous amount of time, and between my studies and traveling I have no free time to build more. I appreciate your feedback, perhaps I will one day when my life calms down a bit. :)

redfive19732 months ago

I am planning on following your path once my sled arrives. Great job and great tutorial. Already piecing together my Cap costume as well as making a WWII Ultimates version.

trans4mation (author)  redfive19731 month ago


lynx26762 months ago
when i look on amazon the price is 111$
trans4mation (author)  lynx26761 month ago

Perhaps the price has changed, I'm not quite sure. If you wait long enough the price is likely to return to normal, Amazon prices tend to fluctuate and can be tracked by various Amazon-price-tracking websites. Good luck!

lynx2676 lynx26762 months ago
what should i do???
sylveonce2 months ago

Hi, I want to make a similar shield for a different costume (not Captain America). Can you explain how the straps work? I just want the bare minimum that will make the shield functional so I can wear it on my arm and back; I don't need it to look nice or similar to the movie prop. Thank you for the tutorial and your help!

trans4mation (author)  sylveonce1 month ago

My recommendation would be determined by how heavy your shield is. Assuming your shield is light ( ie plastic, aluminum), I would craft the handles, secure them to the shield as you please, and then put magnets on the back of the handles AND the shield. The idea here is that when the handles fall flat, it adheres to the shield thanks to the magnets. Hope this helps!

diystarter1 month ago
So, how exactly do you actually wear it on your back?
trans4mation (author)  diystarter1 month ago

The leather belt bulls away from the shield and acts like backpack straps. :)

whipey3453 months ago


whipey3454 months ago

this qeustion is stupid but how did you get the perfect circles and can we also use rust oleum universal and different types and what happens if you dont use all the items which you used because i am just 12 years old.

trans4mation (author)  whipey3453 months ago

No problem buddy. To answer your first question, the perfect circles were accomplished by a somewhat lengthy process I go through in the Instructable. If you would like to send me a private message I can try to go into details.

To answer your second question, I am not sure what reactions another type of spray paint would have on the shield However as long as it says it works on plastic you should be fine.

To answer your last question, you definitely don't have to use all of the parts I used. This Instructable is for all audiences, whether you want to follow it exactly or try and improve it. Hope this helps, good luck! :)

IamHardware4 months ago

Let me join in on complementing you the Captain America shield. I have yet to find a more perfect guide for creating one. Bravo.

As I start my construction of 2, I must start off with this question...

If there any reason why I shouldn't do the inside of the shield first. I wanted to demonstrate to my friends that this isn't really a snow sled ;-) but simply a shield template/blank ;-) What better way than to do up the inside first and display the shield blank unpainted.

I welcome any additional input and insight you might have.

trans4mation (author)  IamHardware3 months ago

Thank you very much for your kind comment!

One of the main reasons I started with front of the shield was because as I was developing how my quick-release leather handles on the back would be designed, I worked on detailing the front. Now that I have the handles thought up, I might have started with the back first.

Another reason is because through the advanced and touchy painting process it just happened to be easier for me.

I understand these aren't great reasons, but you should ultimately be able to pull it off either way. Please do share pictures of your shields! I love to see other peoples versions. :)

whipey3453 months ago

is it okay if i make a magnetic harness so i can just put it on my back with out pulling the belts and all because i want to quickly remove the shield from my back and put it on my back easily by the way it looks really nice

trans4mation (author)  whipey3453 months ago

For sure! It would definitely be easier to build the shield if you have no intention of wearing it on your arm at all. However if you wish to both wear it on your back and your arm, I would recommend sticking to the instructable. :)

trans4mation (author)  Joanjett77375 months ago


teenfugitive8 months ago

i just found a backstrap and two very powerful magnets to put on mine. it looks just like his from the movie, maybe an upgrade you can try, and BTW you did an awesome job kid! I am impressed. ( get one of these and put a heavy duty magnet on the shield and on the strap

trans4mation (author)  teenfugitive5 months ago

I LOVE magnets. Go for it! It can definitely be improved upon, I just did this with the means I had at hand. Thank you!

fordchick10 months ago


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