In this instructable I will be showing you how to create a realistic looking vampire bite or puncture wound.

Step 1: Supplies

If you have followed any of my previous tutorials you will have most of the supplies you need already on hand.

  • Nose and Scar Wax
  • Spirit Gum & Remover
  • Liquid Latex
  • Castor Seal
  • Basic Make-Up
  • Various Brushes
  • Setting Powder
  • Stage Blood

During the Halloween season most of the items are relatively easy to find, so I recommend stocking up on material now. Otherwise you will have to either order the supplies online or go to your local costume store. I like to use Costume&Display since they're willing to put in special orders for what I need.
I just bite myself come halloween time.
<p>If like me you can't affordthe expensive theatrical equipment make your home made liquid latex using equal parts of glycerine (bought from the pharmacy section of any supermarket) gelatine powder (bought from the baking section of any supermarket) and water. Mix te ingredients and microwave for 20 seconds. Allow to cool for a few minutes ten brush on like liquid latex. Instead of scar wax use glue stick. Make up is ideal to colour the final effects in.</p>
<p>I did my own variation based on this, as I do with all FX makeup that I do. Thank you so much for the fantastic basic idea! </p>
Ekk! They look super realistic, a little too realistic for me, hahaha, good job.
Looks good, looks very convincing! <br> <br>Just one thing... the use word &quot;realistic&quot;... this implies that vampires are real... do you know something I don't?...
Just an idea, but would using liquid latex as a base make it so the wound could be peeled off and used again later? On that note, for self-aplication could we make it on our arm and then apply it to our neck to make life easier? <br><br>I'll probably try this anyway but some input would be cool
I tried this on my cousin's neck, it looked real! Thanks for the great instructable!<br>
Sweet... Do you know any tricks with Just latex, because that, and make up, is all i have.
hey u can use rolld tissue instead of the wax. We use it in theatre class and it works pretty wel<br /> use it to raise up the wound
well you can make only vamp bites or masks
If you want blood you can get some raspberry ice crystal light drink mix, it makes very good blood!
There is a couple things you can do... instead of using wax, you can use just latex by putting a dab of latex in the spot you want for the wound {1}, waiting for it to dry a bit... then poking at the middle and pushing it to the sides {2}. Repeat till you got a sufficient height {3}. Alternatively you can use some toilet paper. Take a real small piece of toilet paper and roll it into a tube {4}. Then apply some latex to the area you want the wound to be in {5}. Make a circle with the tube and press it into the latex (which is being used as an adhesive at the moment) and cover it with more latex to seal it in {6}. The bracketed numbers correspond to the steps in the images.
thanks,that helps a lot.
Regarding fake blood, I've used the recipe in &quot;If Chins Could Kill&quot; which is the standard Karo/Corn syrup plus a bit of creamer a drop of blue coloring red etc and have never had a problem w/staining but I haven't used it on white clothing. I've also heard/read that using detergent as a component helps prevent staining
look like mouth ulcers
You, know, if you put two on your lower back, you could be controlled by aliens on X- Files
wow... thats awsum.. the most reaslistic "wound" i have ever seen oO
how much does liquid latex cost?
about $11 from a costume shop
Blood can be made with Karo (corn syrup) and red food coloring as well. Can be thickend to a paste-like consistency with cornstarch.
you can also use guar gum or karaya gum (from the cake dec section at a craft or baking store) to thicken it. Mix with water and let it set up then add the goop to your blood. A little glycerine in the corn syrup will help it come out of clothes and skin a little better.
for more realistic blood add a drop or 2 of blue food coloring to the red food coloring and karo mix after all real blood isn't pure red.
I found that putting a little smear of something greasy, like vaseline or lip balm, on the spirit gum lid grooves keeps it from gluing itself to the bottle. Do you know what's in the castor sealer? Is that like Mehron's sealer? The mehron kind seems to be a standard makeup sealer, turns into something plasticky. I love the Nye tattoo kit, it's nice stuff! Great for covering up all sorts of things. I don't use a lot of the other Nye stuff, but the greasepaint is really good, stays on a long time, and a little goes a long way so it's very economical in the long run.
hehe the first pic looks like u have two BBs imbeded in your arm! XD
This looks so realistic! nice job! ~Shifrin
Can someone show me a picture of a real vampire bite to compare realism? ...just sayin'
or...you could just...you know, call a vampire to come bite you. my friends do it all the time its not that hard lol.
"Realistic Vampire Bite Wound"?
That's pretty sweet man. I will have to give it a shot!!!!
Good instructable. The trauma effect is particularly realistic, well done! Cheers, Pat. Pending

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