Picture of Recovering Kitchen Chairs
Do you have kitchen chairs that appear a bit outdated? Perhaps they are still useful but the pattern remind you of the shirts worn in the mid-80's? Here is a project you can do provided you have time and patience and a bit of skill. There won't be a lot of picures in this instructible as I neglected to take them asI went along (just use your imagination),
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Step 1: Dismantle Chair

Picture of Dismantle Chair
Using a screwdriver unscrew the screws that fasten the seat to the legs and frame of the chair.

Step 2: Remove all of the staples and set fabric aside.

Picture of Remove all of the staples and set fabric aside.
Typically chairs have a padded seat and sometimes a padded back like this one. I used a flat head screwdriver and pair of needlenose pliers to remove all of the staples off of the botton of the chair to dismantle the seat. In my case the seat bottom was covered with a piece of thin cardboard to cover over the edges of the fabric stapled onto the bottom of the chair to make the seat.

Step 3: Use old fabric as a template for the new fabric you plan to recover chair with.

Picture of Use old fabric as a template for the new fabric you plan to recover chair with.
I estimated in the case of the chair(s) shown that I would need 5 metres of fabric, as the fabric I purchased was wider than expected so I only used approximately 2 and a half metres to complete this project. Also keep in mind that the new fabric should either be of a darker fabric or pattern (or in the case of these chairs) I used microfibre fabric which is very water and stain resistant. Flatten each piece of original material using a iron and then trace around it using a pencil crayon to draw the outline onto the new fabric. Cut the fabric out and then you are ready for the next step.
Rayna7 years ago
There's a few tutes like this. I was wondering, what kind of stapler do you use? I've got normal office staplers, but nothing more heavy duty or bigger. Do I need to buy a particular sort for this? I've been meaning to redo my kitchen chairs for a while.
I don't think regular staples are going to cut it for this project. You will need either a light-duty or heavy-duty metal stapler from a hardware store. Depending on the brand and materials the stapler is made from, it will cost you around ten to twenty bucks. Just be sure to buy the right staples to go with it! The back of the box usually has recommended staple sizes.
WhosWho8 years ago
Your pictures are absolutely wretched. They don't describe ANYTHING.
gruaqt (author)  WhosWho8 years ago
sorry whos...I was already half into the project before I remembered to take time
implaxis8 years ago
Great... Another project I "gotta" do! :) Something I've been meaning to get around to for a long time. The new ones look so much better!
gruaqt (author)  implaxis8 years ago
Thanks they took a bit longer than I expected however like I said in the instructible it sure helps to have a helper when you are restapling the fabric back to the seat.