Recycle CD Box





Introduction: Recycle CD Box

What you can make from empty cd box



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    The embedded video didn't work for me. Here's the video on Meta Cafe:

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    And here's the Youtube link:

    How about as an antenna holder? This is what I used one for.


    i used them for years to carry food to work, i worked early hours and i made bagels w/cream cheese and had a long commute, the post down the center held the bagel in place, worked great.

    well those are some curious uses for a disc case, well done ! i made the following a few months ago and its been hanging in my 'lounge' (which doubles as a makeshift workshop on occasion) ever since. the bulbs are the energy-saving CFL type and supposedly equivalent to 100 watt incandescent. seven of them! they brighten up the room somewhat insanely .. i found it best not to look up when theyre on !

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    wow talk about taking it to the next level that is awesome!

    great :)

    Awesome, but if you have 7 of them they might melt the plastic on the CD container if you leave them on for too long

    nah they dont get nearly hot enough, very much still just warm to the touch, even after being on for about 6 hours .. at least mine are. i was slightly concerned at first about the one at the bottom and kept checking, which i would recommend if unsure. plus they're in wide-open space and there's plenty of air to move around. also .. im planning on doing 3 and 4 -bulb models for my bathroom and computer room respectively .. only with 25-disc containers so they'll be more 'low profile'. if i ever get round to it i might post a short instructable on how i did it.

    Very, very kool (I must try....). I have a 'regular' double fixture and I places aluminum foil 'above' it and it really increased the usable light.

    keeping food inside a cd box is a very bad idea. Those boxes aren't made for this, and some hydrocarbon particles of the box will goes inside the food. those particles are carcinogen. Please keep you food away from this.

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    yes, but if you hand wash it in very hot water and soap it MAY be safer.

    five stars and faved! where do you get the ideas?!?!?!?!?!

    cool, I always end up using the clear part as a humidity tent for plant cuttings, perfect size

    Love the toilet paper idea, this will work great for a White Elephant gift! I took it a step further and made a label for the inside, "lightWipe" take off of "lightScribe!" I then did a lightScribe CD of the label and hot glued it to the top. I simply just used a drill press and a forester-bit to drill out the hole so that it matched the case hole.


    I've been browsing the site and by far, this is one that strike me most. It just proved that good ideas need not be complicated. This is one that would benefit anyone and everyone.

    What a sweet way to reuse!

    this is awesome idea!!