Recycle Egg Cartons Into Fire Starter





Introduction: Recycle Egg Cartons Into Fire Starter

I have lots of egg cartons properly stacked up in my storage. I regularly use some of them as a seed starter. But I can not use them all up. This is the work around I came up with about how to use the cartons faster.

Step 1: Materials

We need egg cartons that you desperately want to throw away.

Step 2: Shred and Soak

Shred the egg cartons with hand and soak them up. Soaking them properly takes around overnight.

Step 3: Blend

Drain the excess water and blend then in a home grinder. Add water if the grinder seems to jam.

Take out the pulp and make small brickets by hand. I did it by hand. You can use some shaper that make them look good.

Make sure NOT to squeeze hard as the residual water makes space for air when it dries up.

Air dry the brickets. Total drying takes around 3 days in an Indian summer.

Step 4: Done

After total drying you can use them to start a fire. They catch fire easily and a single bricket burns for around 15 minutes, much time to start a good fire.

The image shows output from 3 egg cartons.



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egg cartoons are made of polystyrene if burned produce carcinogens including benzene and not continue with this practice for health sake

Not the petro based plastic type, the recycled cardboard ones. Shredded and mixed with melted wax, they'll burn long enough to actually cook on as well as start your fires.

nope, this type of egg cartoon is made of cardbox.

nice idea I like it

I dont' have pics but worked out really well, went a step further with old candles covered in wax so they are waterproof. Skol!

Perfect use for the leftover egg crates. Thank you! The kids will love this project.

Great idea! I will be doing the same from now on. Thank you.

Great Instructable! People will probably cringe, but if you mix these with newspaper, water, and mash up really good then dry you can use it as kitty litter too. Obviously non-clumping, but it is fairly biodegradable (better than actual K-litter) so if you live in the country you can shallow bury when used up. Like I said cringe, and please if you do not agree, that's fine w/me, I'm just making a further suggestion for egg cartons instead of the trash.

i have to say, that's a rather top notch idea.