Recycle Lamp-shade





Introduction: Recycle Lamp-shade

Step 1: Lamp-shade

Find big book and cut.

Step 2: Bulb Holder

Make bulb holder

Step 3: Mount

mount bulb holder

Step 4: Holes

make two holes

Step 5: Strings

mount strings

Step 6: Bulb

Mount bulb, max 10-15W (temperature) !!!

Step 7: Hang

fix lamp

Step 8: Finish

Well done. :) good luck



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    Lamp Book, Lumio, founder, designer, Max Gunawan, utilized this design for Shark Tank funding as well received numerous architect and design awards interesting how Max never claimed a design patent or any other patent. Did he copy original work and or plagiarize someone else work/design?

    Great design and looks pretty but seems to me very dangerous, sooner or later the paper will get overheated and start to burn

    great design, it would make any bedroom look pretty.

    Oy, you peeps are SO funny. I love this instructable. I'll use LED or CFL.

    Super cool!

    Brilliant! I'm loving this, and I'm going to make a bunch of them for my study/library. To use books that had no merit in the first place is to give them some worthwhile function in the end.

    Idea/question- Could you, when creating the hole for the light, simply leave the outside cover on? That way you could open and close it without there being a lamp sticking out. Besides the obvious increased risk of fire due to accidentally leaving the light on and closing the book, is there any other reason you can't do this?

    Perfect amazing work!! Thanks for sharing! You are welcome to share more of your ideas with us at


    excellent concept, nice look, recycling green planet props... i gotta make one.

    But wait! what if a comet hits the power station, and there's a huge power surge!!! even your little light will surely burst into flames!!! or worse smoulder releasing undetectable toxic gasses that will make me lose my mind and just start setting stuff on fire!!!!

    to all the people that keep the morons among us from blowing up the neighborhood, thank you. keep up the good work. hope you can take a little ribbing. if not, sorry. didn't mean to offend . but this guys project seems well, a little on the safe side to rate so much concern.. take care.

    Oh no! It's paper! It's just like the Hindenburg! A fireball waiting to happen! You must immediately retract this instructable and redo the project using asbestos sheets to prevent fire because nobody that reads this will have the common sense to not put a 100W bulb in it and then not leave it unattended!!! NO!!! Wait!! I didn't say use asbestos!!!! There might be people out there that will cut it up and rub their faces with it and inhale it, because not everyone knows for the last 50 years we've known that asbestos causes lung cancer!!!!!! Better yet, use sheet metal! That will NEVER cause a fire situation... unless the wireing DOES become old and frays... because these things happen... then you have... an ... electrocution ... hazard? Um... 110 volts... maybe not... BICYCLE HELMETS!!!

    ... cool 'able msolek.

    The pictures are OK but I need some instructions coz I cant understand it.

    It's not a desecration of a book if you use one of those old college textbooks which has been replaced by a more modern version. As a former English teacher and book lover (I'll never be an electronic book junkie), I think it is a nice way to honor something that has served us well and is now recycled!