Recycled Mini Dry Erase Board





Introduction: Recycled Mini Dry Erase Board

A dry erase board made out of recycled materials. This is a quick and easy 5 minute project, and it is great for small spaces like lockers or the fridge.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

- scrap printer paper (not new)
- broken CD cases (Do not use new ones - this is supposed to be made of recycled materials!)

- scissors
- ruler
- tape
- pencil

Step 2: Insert Paper Backing

Cut the paper to size and tape the sides to secure.

Step 3: You're Done!

I did say it was quick and easy. If you make a bunch of these and attach them all to a backing, you can make a full-size dry erase board.



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    I love reading about recycling projects that can convert our trash into something usable around the house. We need to constantly remind ourselves that useful things do not necessarily need to be expensive but instead things that we think are useless might just be the one thing that we truly need. All we need is some creativity and effort and before you know it, you might just get yourself brand new items like storage boxes, racks, shelves and many others.

    Fantastic! I just made one now! :)

    rubbing alcohol will take off dry erase marker... if it has been on too long.

    awesome!!!!!!! if you put a magnet on the back, you can put it on your locker :D

    thats insanely awesome cause I've been needing a dry erase board =]
    thank you!!

    cool! You might be able to make one out of old binders, there seems to be a ton of those being thrown out at the end of the school year. Unfortunately, I don't use cd cases, I use paper sleeves =(

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    yeah, also on those pirated DVD/thin DVD cases--thay have the same material.

    "pirated DVD/thin DVD cases" Not really getting what you're saying here. Are you talking about those CD cases that are thinner than regular CD cases? Or are you talking about regular DVD cases?

    well, no, the kind of DVD cases that are thinner. They use them in pirated movie stores. You'll probably see them in some chinese mall...but it depends where you live.

    Yeah the end of the year is a big waste... I see people throwing out brand new packs of paper, binders, and all sort of things. So I sort of do my next school year shopping then lol... The stupid school doesn't even use recycling bins.

    I know! My school uses bottle recycling bins though, so you have to give them some credit. I remember one year they threw out a fake palmtree that retracted into itself. I took it out of the trashcan, but my parents made me through it out when I got home.

    I hate that.... My parents won't let me keep anything. I took a neighbors junked up mower once, and took a sledge hammer to it. Unfortunately, I forgot, i don't know how i did, that oil stains pavement, my dad hasnt found out yet but i thought it was a great stress reliever.

    very cool. My friends use mirrors for dry erase, and they're useful for their bedrooms.

    I always wondered what to do broken CD cases, thanks. I bet putting some prints of pictures behind could make for some entertainment.

    This doesn't actually work, at first glance it does, I mean the dry erase comes off fairly easily right after your write on it. But leave it for an hour or two and it doesn't come off at all. Like DJKarmaD said, unless you use some sort of cleaning solution it won't come off. >:( and I've already gone through the trouble to make a 7 (double sided) wall mounted calendar.

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    Notes to yourself, a calendar, making a formula sheet I made a set of these for a larger writing surface, so i had planned to make weekly notes.

    use a piece of card stock, print names, border, etc, laminate it with3m easy laminating sleeves, and attach magnets to back for a quick fridge dry erase board, low cost and if it gets messy, just make a new one!