Often when I need cards, I find myself making them from paper and scraps of supplies I have around my office instead of purchasing them but for some reason I usually purchase envelopes for these cards. I have plenty of paper that usually gets put in the recycled bin, why am I buying more paper in the form of an envelope? So I worked up a template to make easy envelopes from a standard size piece of paper, therefore envelopes can me made from most magazines that would usually be placed in the recycling bin.

This template will make an A2 (4-3/8" x 5-3/4") envelope but keep in mind that you are hand making it and the dimensions might be slightly off.

What you will need:
2-3 pieces of magazine or newspaper approx. 8.5” x 11”
Scissors or and Exacto knife
Paper glue
Printer (to print templates)
Bonefolder or butter knife

Step 1: Download Template

Download Envelopetemplate.jpg and print it out full size (a scale has been placed on each jpg to help with printing at the correct proportions).
thats cool! :D good job!
your welcome!

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