This recycling bin is made from recycled water bottles. We wanted to reduce our footprint on the Earth so we created a way to reuse things that leave a big impact on the environment. We chose water bottles because we believe it effects the Earth greatly. Making more of these recycling bins from wasted bottles could save the Earth from a lot of waste, which would reduce help save the Earth.  The recycling bin sends a message that there are innovative ways to help the Earth. 

Step 1: Materials

20 of 16.9 Ounce water bottles
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Spray Paint
<p>you forget one important thing here. You created this arrival on the assumption that all water bottles are thrown in the trash that ends up in landfills but there are recycling programs in most cities that take water bottles and recycle them so they don't end up in landfills. So if everyone did there part and put their water bottles in the recycling than we wouldn't have to worry about it. Plus as much as you have a great idea and your heart is in the right place, give you props for it. Once you paint the water bottles and say everyone was to do this , after awhile these wouldn't last long and you would eventually have to get rid of them, now that they have been painted and glued more than likely they are not good for recycling and would be thrown in a landfill. Like I said great idea but I the long run the best idea is to make sure and spread the word to recycle. </p>
Philosophy asside, thanks for sharing! I like the idea, but I think the bin in itself is taking up a lot of space and might not work in every situation. Maybe if you cut the bottles open and somehow unfold them... Maybe use a wooden frame to &quot;nail&quot; the plastic to. You could heat the bottles in order to get them into shape. <br> <br>As far as philosophy goes, hot glue and the energy it consumes to melt it should be considered, too, and you can recycle plastic bottles after all. Maybe one could use ressources that will actually end up in a landfill (not saying that many plastic bottles don't, either).
cool! hope this gets featured! but how do the people know its not to take it along with whats inside it? good idea and presentation!
Great idea. But in my opinion it's not nessicarky the plastic that impacts the earth, as it it the water left inside of them. Most of the time plastic bottles will crush and lay flat but the liquid still remains. But your bin is a cheap way to get more recycling bins out there.

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