Introduction: Remote Speaker Mount for Scanner - 2004 Jeep Liberty

I wanted to mount a remote speaker close to my ears for a small portable scanner in my Jeep.  There just aren't a lot of great places for radio gear or speakers in Jeep Libertys.  I also wanted the install to be clean with as few wires visible as possible.

Here is a quick and easy  mount that does not require any holes to be drilled.

Thanks for taking a look.


3366carlos (author)2013-03-01

another great idea. why not screw the bracket straight into the plastic piece? does the speaker bump your head?

stangtime (author)3366carlos2013-03-02

I didn't want to drill any more holes unless really necessary. This way I can remove the little bracket and there are no marks. The speaker never hits my head and because it's close to my ear I can keep the volume low and not bother other people in the Jeep.

RangerJ (author)2013-02-09

This is something I need to do, and soon.

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