It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon. A load of wash was in the washing machine. An unfamiliar series of beeps from the washing machine interrupted my football couch potato session. It was flashing an E.04 error. I restarted the cycle but the error reappeared.

Time to read the manual. The manual said that either too much suds or the drain pump was having a problem. I went to the Internet to try to find more information. Jackpot! I found a post of the description and the fix for the error code.

It was obvious that excessive suds was not my problem.

You will need a towel, a flashlight and a 4d nail / brad (or some other metallic pointed thing). You may or may not need some silicone grease to lube the sump cap. (I did not need any.)

If you have water in the drum of the machine, you will need a wet/dry vacuum cleaner with crevice end and more towels and maybe ear plugs if your vacuum is as loud as mine.

Note: Wet/dry vacuum cleaners use 2 inch and/or 1 and 1/2 inch hoses. The smaller hoses and accessories are easier to maneuver inside the washer.

Step 1: Gaining Access

To be extra safe, turn off the washing machine and unplug it.

The access for the drain pump is behind the circular access panel on the bottom right front of the machine. This panel twists off. There are three ears on the panel that fit into three cutouts on the machine front. After the ears are in the cutout, the panel is twisted counterclockwise to lock ears behind metal.

If the panel were a clock face, there is a small hole in it at about the 5. Insert a nail in the hole to gain some leverage. Gently press on the panel with your other hand while you rotate the panel clockwise to move the hole to the 6 o'clock position.

Update - 10/2011: Be careful when you get the cover off. The edges of the hole may be unfinished and sharp. You can tape over the edge while you are working or wear gloves. The more adventurous can grind or file the rough edges.
<p>I have the same machine but it is not the model 03 as labeled but a 15. When I take the sump cover off I have no basket. I am looking at a white piece that has a raised circle in the middle and it has notches going around the circle (like a pry bar to fit in). Do you have any suggestions for me on how to get it out so I can clean it out.</p>
<p>It is suppose to be attached to the black cover. Put the black cover back on and tighten. Slowly turn to the left putting pressure on it. If that doesn't work use pliers to pull it straight out towards you. Do not twist or you will break off the little plastic circle pieces.</p>
<p>I have the same problem. I tried pulling straight out with pliers but it will not budge. Any suggestions.</p>
<p>Here's what it looks like</p>
<p>I tried that and it didn't work. any other suggestions</p>
<p>Thanks for the information!</p>
<p>I have the same problem as LisaB43. I tried pulling with pliers and the white cover with the circle on it will not budge, Any suggestions on what to do next</p>
<p>Hey, can you post a picture? I have not seen your model. Maybe I or one of the followers can figure it out.</p>
<p>Worked like a charm! Found a pedi sock stuck in there that I had &quot;lost&quot; a while back. One thing more however, if your door is in the locked position, there's a lever on the right side in that opening that you pull down and it will unlock the door. </p>
I am happy this 'ible is still helping people. Thanks for the tip about the door lever.
That's weird. Couldn't find my previous comment. <br>I would like to thank you again for the post. <br>But the opening still leaking no matter how tight we tighten up. Can you please advice. <br>Much appreciated
I am saddened by your woe. I hope you have solved the problem by now. I don't check this 'ible as often. Is it a drip or a gush? It is difficult to do but it sounds as though you cross threaded the sump cover. (more gush than drip) That is the threads on the cover are not aligned with the threads on the sump. If it is cross threaded the cover would be difficult to unscrew. If that is not the case, are any gaskets missing? Or maybe the plastic is binding, did you try lubrication with silicone grease (available in the faucet repair aisle) - a little bit goes a long way as far as lubing is concerned. HTH
Thank you so much for the clear instructions. But my husband did not read and just scrolled all the way down. Ended up, we have pool of water on the floor. And he cut his hand. I told him why didn't you read the post. Lesson learnt. <br>Anyway, we have problem. We twisted very hard. But water still leaking from the front. What shall we do?
I am sorry but I never got that deep into the electronics of the machine. Read the other posts. There are people who have had to delve deeper than I have who may be able to help you.
<p>i did this test and nothing happens no voltage to the pump can the relay be the problem ? i can hear a click sound on the control panel </p>
<p>need help my washer is a bosch nexxt plus an i was getting the error code e13 that is a no draining problem so i change the pump because the propeller was crack and now nothing the pump is not spinning not getting i remove the cables and did a electrical test and no voltage going to the pump :( is there some one here that can help with the electronics i remove the control panel but don't know what to test, please any help will be greate ! thanks </p>
I joined just to say thank you. Was my last day at a rental was doing last wash and this happened. With 2 hours to go your fix saved the say. Thanks from Australian in Canada. Btw one if my wife's small socks made from that sheer stocking material had found it's way out of a washing bag into the impelor.
<p>It made me chuckle to imagine the sock planning its escape from the laundry bag. Thanks for the comment. The ingenuity of our clothing continues to amaze me.</p>
<p>Thank you so very much. Looked all over the interwebs for scoop on why the washer wouldn't drain and bingo your post was perfect!! Pieces of paper in the impeller was the cause but lots of gunk, bobby pins,and coins in the bottom. Once again thanks bunches!!!</p>
<p>I am so glad my instructible is still useful. Thanks for the comment.</p>
<p>Just wanted to say thank you. You saved me a lot of time and frustration. One mine the white piece stuck inside but pliers pulled it straight out.</p><p>Thanks again.</p>
I am glad I could help.
<p>When I removed my sump cover, the impeller was laying down in in it's little place. Does this mean I have a broken pump? Or is it supposed to lay down. I have a ticking noise when I did a test run to see if cleaning out the sump was the fix I needed :(</p>
I am reading that the impeller (which is normally vertical) is laying horizontal in your machine. If I am understanding you, yes, your pump is broken. At least one other commentator has replaced the pump. If that is what you are facing, contact them. I have never had to do pump surgery.
<p>Absolutely brilliant, and a wonderful help. Thank you. I do have one correction or addition to make: You should note that in order to remove the access cover you actually have to push in to release a latch. I found it impossible to remove the cover until I did this. Actually, I had to go elsewhere to find information on removing the cover. In the end, I sawed off a nail and then blunted the end by scraping it against the concrete until it was nice and blunt. Then it made a good non-sharp tool to push against the latch. In any event, thanks for the help. It worked!</p>
Thanks for the compliment. I am glad this 'ible helped. What was caught in your pump? I am amazed by what people are finding!
Various pins, a 1&quot; plastic star about 1/4&quot; thick that had been part of a toy, and (the real problem) a broken rubber wristband! <br><br>The washer is working great again now. :-)
<p>I want to thank you for the detailed repair instructions . You are the best. I found the clog and fixed my Bosch . I promise to pass on the blessings. </p>
<p>Thank you. I am glad my instructible was a help. </p>
These instructions are AWESOME!!! Thank you SO MUCH! I repaired my machine in less than 20 minutes. (Some sort of fabric was clogging the sump.) Please add a comment/update to step 1 to indicate the need to press in the nail or metal tool to release the &quot;catch&quot; so the panel will release and turn. Very sore fingers from trying to turn without first pushing in. Thanks again - you really helped save the day! ?
Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. This is what currently I have in step one currently: &nbsp;<br> <br> &nbsp;<em><strong>Gently press on the panel with your other hand while you rotate the panel clockwise to move the hole to the 6 o'clock position.</strong></em><br> <br> Did your machine need more than pressing on that circular panel? &nbsp;Did you have to push on the nail to release something while pressing on the panel and turning it?<br> <br> Or is this a case of &nbsp;the-text-makes-sense-after-I've-done-it?<br> <br> Thanks again
Oops, I mean impeller, not sump...
<p>Hey - Thank you sooo much! Your instructions were spot on! My impeller was jammed up with a paperclip. Lots of other fun stuff down there too, just like yours.</p><p>We had called the repair guy and given a date two weeks from now for them to come out and look at the machine - you saved me laundromat visits, and tons of wasted time. Thanks again - Jane </p>
Hey, I am so glad this 'ible has helped you.
<p>I know this is summer and vacation time. The repair business must be really good to have to schedule an appointment 2 weeks in advance! &quot;Hello?, Three weeks from now my fridge is going to go in the blink. Can I get you to come out in two weeks to diagnose what may be the problem so you will have the part three weeks from now? Thank you&quot;</p>
<p>If cleaning out the pump <br>doesn't work here is my experience:</p><p>First, I replaced the pump, my pump was 8 years old so I thought <br>it could be a good place to start. The new OEM pump is actually a better design <br>then the older pump, it has an added drain line so you can aim the excess water <br>into a container rather than letting it spill all over as you remove the cap. <br>It is also white; you can see blockages much easier. While replacing the pump I <br>cleaned out all of the return lines and the washer work for a few months. I <br>then started having suds problem again. I called Bosch with no help, they will <br>not let your talk to anyone with technical knowledge of the washer, I wanted to <br>know what caused the &ldquo;suds&rdquo; part of the error message. After some research I <br>decided to replace the pressure switches. I ordered the two switches, #25 and <br>#26 on the water system diagram. I also replaced the ball check #16. Luckily <br>the two switches are on back order. The ball check came and I swapped it out <br>and I have been doing many loads without a problem. The ball check is where the <br>pressure switches get their information; if it starts to wear out they will <br>give suds error. The part is cheap only round $40. I find it pretty easy to <br>replace, one hex screw driver and a pair of pliers are all that is required and <br>the hardest part is getting the rubber boot strap back on. I have scoured the <br>internet for information on this problem without anything and I hope this will <br>help someone, good luck.</p>
Thanks so much for the update!! I am so glad you fixed your washer.<br><br>Your post supplies very good bits of information. One of which is the www.appliancepartspros.com website that provided the diagram of the machine. That site appears to be a goldmine for information. <br><br>I also appreciate your persistence and your methodical approach in solving this problem. <br><br>I have a question. Most ball check valves are used to allow flow in on direction. I assume this is true here. Can you see how your valve was &quot;worn out&quot;? Could it be water deposits preventing the ball from seating and thus allowing 2 way flow?<br><br>Again thanks for the update and the details of the fix.
<p>Nothing visible between the new <br>and old ball check. I had cleaned the old ball check when I replaced the pump <br>so that was probably the reason it was working after I replaced the pump. <br>Washer is still working since replacing the ball check.</p><p>I also <br>replaced the rubber boot that seals the door, that was the cause of most of the <br>bad odor coming from the washer, no cleaners can reach the inner areas of it. I <br>highly recommend replacing it if you have had the washer for a while and it can <br>easily be done while replacing the ball check.</p>
<p>I am also having issues with the suds or blocked pump. I <br>have had it on and off again for about a year I replaced the pump a few months <br>ago but it is still happening. I have also been trying some Epsom salt to take <br>care of any actual suds. So how do I clean or replace the sensor that is saying <br>there is suds? It even says suds when I empty the drum pour a glass of water in <br>it and select spin. Or when I open the pump and drain all of the water check <br>for blockage and try a spin cycle, the pump keeps running dry with no water <br>and then it stops and says suds. Something is telling the washer there are suds <br>and there are none. Please help!</p>
I am confused.<br> 1) is the problem constant or intermittent since you changed the pump?<br> <br> 2) Please explain what happens when you run an empty cycle (without clothes, without detergent).<br> <br> 3) Is there a difference between running a full cycle versus the spin/drain cycle?<br> <br> 4) Are you say that you followed this 'ible, cleared any blockages and the impeller is spinning freely?<br> <br> 5) Did you replace the pump for the E04 problem or some other problem?<br> <br> 6) If for the E04 problem, how long did the new pump work without reporting E04?<br> <br> I don't know if I can help but maybe your clarification will help the followers of this 'ible to help you.
<p>1) The problem was intermittent <br>prior to changing the pump, worked well for a few months after changing the <br>pump and now the problem has gotten worse.</p><p>2) It has gotten more consistent with time, today I can't get to <br>a spin cycle at all, the pump keeps running with the LCD displaying <br>&quot;draining water&quot; with an empty drum. With an empty washer it will go <br>up to the spin cycle and stop after the pump runs dry for about 3 or 4 mins. <br>The sud or Blocked pump error reads on the screen.</p><p>3) Message always appears just prior to spin cycle with any <br>selection.</p><p>4) yes the pump is clear, the new pump has a white shell so it <br>is much easier to see inside and see if anything has blocked it, it also has a <br>drain hose to get water out prior to opening the main seal.</p><p>5) I replaced due to age so that I could start trouble shooting <br>the suds problem, we can eliminate a bad pump as the culprit.</p><p>While I am able to repair <br>mechanical things, electrical is a bit harder for me. There has to be a way the <br>washer tells the pump to drain. So some sort of sensor must be there, that <br>sensor is consistently showing water in the drum, I just don&rsquo;t know where it <br>is, if I could clean it or replace it I think it would work.</p>
<p>This is a picture from the bottom back of the <br>drum, black wires go to a temperature sensor and the green/yellow are the <br>grounds, what are the two end probes with white wires?</p>
<p>Found the answer, white wires are the heating elements. I have turned my focus to the pressure switches.</p>
<p>Struck speechless?</p>
So some how my comment didn't show up... I am just so happy about the information I found here. I had been having difficulty with my Bosch 800 series washer for quite a while. &quot;Suds or blocked pump&quot; error message. I would just run my laundry through &quot;Refresh&quot; cycle, and usually that would work, sometimes after a few tries. But three days ago, it didn't work at all. Time to call Sears, where I bought it, but they don't service my area anymore. Called Bosch. They told me I was using too much detergent and probably not the right kind, but I do use HE. They told be to add a litre of water into detergent intake and run through cold was cycle and all would be fixed. Did that five times, laundry still stuck, no draining. Called Bosch again, they told be to call service repairmen. Left messages with a few companies, no call backs. Desperately, I turned to searching the internet. Found this sight, was impressed with clear directions. Followed them. Only difficulty I had was with getting pump lid off, really had to work at it. Found two long drill bits in there and a bunch of gunk; husband is in construction...never know what I will find in washer!!!LOL. So thank you to those who took the time to put these very helpful instructions online. My machine works like new again. In a day and age where things are not designed to last, it's nice to see we can extend the life a little longer!!!
<p>Very peculiar about your comment not showing up. Kudos to you for tackling the fix. Good job. I am very pleased that my instructable was useful and saved you the cost of a service call. With your husband being in construction, you possibly had the wet/dry vac already. Your comment comes the right time to lift my spirits. Thank you for taking the time to write (Twice!!).</p>

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