Problem: Cuisinart 12-cup electric cordless percolator (PER-12C) stopped perking coffee.

Symptoms: At first it started making weaker and weaker coffee. We thought it was the grinds. We thought the basket was clogged. On day, it just didn't perk at all.

Solution: Fix it! This Instructable explains how we got it back into working order by opening it up, replacing a thermal cut-off (like a fuse or switch), and reassembling it. Now it makes coffee again!

Note: This Instructable might also be applied to cordless electric kettles, as I think they may work in a similar fashion.

The items you'll need are:

- Multi-meter
- Phillips screw drivers
- Replacement parts (in this case, a thermal cut-off)
- Soldering iron and solder
- Needle-nose pliers
- Thermal paste (may not be needed if the thermocouples aren't disturbed)
- Crazy glue (if you brake a plastic piece like I did)

Special thanks to Robin and Paul, is was a team effort to fix this puppy!

Step 1: How the Percolator Coffee Maker Works

As far as I can tell, this electric percolator appears to work in this manner:

- The pot sits on top of the power base, and once connected to an electric outlet, electricity moves from the power base to a conductive metal "cup" in the pot. The resistance heats the water, bringing it to a boil.
- Once boiling, bubbles of gaseous water force hot liquid water up the pump tube, and it rains down on the basket filled with coffee grinds (this is the "perking" action).
- The perking cycle is completed when an appropriate temperature is reached, and the boiling is stopped. This is the important point. It is here that a thermal cut-off trips and tells the machine to stop boiling (it will later reset itself so that coffee can be brewed again).
- The heating switches to a "warming" mode.
- A little orange light comes on to tell you it's coffee time!

This may not be entirely accurate, I am open to corrections on the workings of this machine!
Hi I have the same percolator but me it's the white thermoswitch that have no continuity...do you know the part #? I can see 36T on it
<p>Sorry I have no idea. You could try Cuisinart on the phone, but it's likely they won't sell you something like that. I got my replacement part from an electronics shop (http://www.sayal.com). I physically went in there with the part I needed to replace and the person there tried to help me find the part closest to it. If you can actually see a number perhaps you will be able to find something! Good luck and let us know how it goes!</p>
<p>I had another problem with my kettle but your images really help me get around the eletric part of my kettle. </p><p>In case someone else need it: I had a kettle that created a shorcut each time I set it on. I dissamble everything, and found out that the problem was that I had water in the heating part (the kettle spent couple of days outside) and the ground connection was greating the shorcut. I disconnected the ground connection, plug my kettle, waited until the water evapored, reassamble the kettle and everything worked fine, no more shorcut! </p>
I'm so glad it helped! I hope the kettle works for a long time!
&nbsp;Where can i buy a new or old kettle base only?
I know you can buy that part from the Cuisinart website as a replacement part. Or at least, you used to be able to.
Where can i buy a new heating element assembly
You could probably get the part at an electronic shop. Also, please note that this fixed lasted for awhile, but eventually the coffee maker gave up again. It never actually stopped (which is what happened the first time), but the quality of coffee-making became inconsistent once again. About 50% of the time it wouldn't really finish brewing and the coffee would taste poor. From what I've read, mine is not the only machine to do this. I would never by this coffee maker again. I wish you better luck in your repairs than me!

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