Replace the Brake Lever/mirror Mount on a 1998 Italjeft Veloifero



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Introduction: Replace the Brake Lever/mirror Mount on a 1998 Italjeft Veloifero

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This instructable will show you how to replace the brake lever/mirror mount on an italjet velocifero.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

New Brake Lever Mount

Needle Nose Pliers
Phillips and Reg Screwdriver
5mm Allen
Adjustable wrench or 10mm wrench

*Apparently a circa 2002 cell phone as well... (old photos..)

Step 2: Reverse

When you replace the brake lever mount or the mirror mount on your velocifero you unfortunately have to pull out the brake cable, brake light sensor, brake lever and brake cable.

First step is to unscrew the mirror, use an adjustable wrench and don't forget it is reverse threaded, so righty loosie lefty tighty...

Step 3: Unscrew the Screws

Next unscrew the two phillips screws on the front of the mount, located above and below the lever. Pull the mount apart. Now pull the cable off of the accelerator. You can unscrew the accelerator cable from the mount with a phillips.

Step 4: More Loosening

Unscrew the brake lever using a 10mm wrench or your adjustable and a flat blade screw driver. Be careful when you pull the handle out not to drop the spring located in the bottom of the lever.
Now here you have to loosen the wing nut on the front brake. Pull the cable out of the mount. Unscrew the Brake light sensor.

Step 5: Put It Back Together

Now we have the whole thing apart.

Okay, time to put the sucker back together. Reverse the whole thing:

Screw the light sensor in, screw the accelerator back in, now hook the cable back onto the grip. Slip the two halves of the mount together and screw them together.
Slip the cable of the brake through the slots in the mount, screw the lever back down. Screw on your mirror and your done.



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    Funny you posted this repair as well - the Italjet Torpedo that my girlfriend has a broken brake lever AND a broken mirror. If I can find some old parts for it, it would be great to screw on a new mirror and install a new lever. I think that you Instructables have inspired me to fix it up in the next few weeks. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

    2 replies

    Thanks, the chrome mirrors from a malagutti yesterday will fit on this scooter just fine. Plus they look good.


    Thanks for the tip!

    Dang Joe, well, I'm assuming that's your name because it is your Instructables account name... but anyways, you're really smart, adding and fixing stuff on your bike... nice job! Great instructables you're posting by the way.

    4 replies

    Thanks man, I really want to win that car. There is a car right? -Joe


    I was making a joke... but it didn't really work out. I'm going to keep trying though, cause I really want to win that car. -Joe