Picture of Resistor man
Create this cool piece of art from your electronic parts bin.

This makes the perfect christmas present!
I have given it to many people over the years, and they all loved it!
To guys, it's a really cool gadget. And for girls, it makes a nice piece of decorative art :)
Even my mom loves them.

Please rate it, if you like it :)
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Step 1: Components

Picture of Components
You'll need:

8 resistors.
1 large resistor, or some other large long component with connectors in both ends. A capacitor might do, but they tend to have soft legs.. IC's might be cool also.. use your imagination.
1 led, or other component suitable for posing as a head.
1 scrap circuit board. The one I used once held the pwr and hdd leds in a computer.

Step 2: Upper body

Picture of Upper body
Connect the arms and head to the torso.

Step 3: Legs and hips

Picture of Legs and hips
Now, create his legs.
Make sure to give him hips, the first one I made, didn't get them, and he looked kinda strange.

Step 4: Connect to ground

Picture of Connect to ground
He now needs to be firmly connected to both ground and Vcc :p

Once he is connected, bend him into a comfortable position and place him where he belongs, on top of your monitor.

If he doesn't work (as in walk, talk, eat, sleep and take over the world), please consult the circuit diagram and check if you've missed something :)
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redsunmtm1 year ago
hi, good one, take a look here:
i am doing this kind of scrapping for years now
pury912 years ago
technerdd2 years ago
I thought of something this morning that might be nice to make for someone!

If you would take verry low resistors for the arms, and connect 1 arm to the cathode and 1 arm to the anode you could glue a little battery (buttonbattey' to both of the `hands´ and than when he claps his hands the LED would light up.

cuz a battery is 1,5V so 2 of them in series would make 3Volt that´s exactley enough for a LED to light up.

make sure the battery´s both point in the same direction

[+ -][+ -]

made a picture to (hopefully) explain it better.

Let me know if you made one! i'll be glad to see the results.

and sorry for my lack of english writing hehe..
technerdd2 years ago
This is my little resistor/capacitor man, He'll light up when the button is pressed and than stays on for about 2 seconds and slowely fades out.

the shematic is pretty simple, leave a comment if you'd like to see it cheers!
drount2 years ago
Here I present my Skater Resistor man. The skate is an old non-working pen drive.

My Resistor man has the property that, if he holds a battery with both hands (and the right polarity) the heads light up :)
I name him Resistornator!
RazaR6 years ago
Here's my try on the Resistor Man, I've used parts found on old electronics.
vadipp RazaR3 years ago
It's a capacitor man, actually!
rojo3 years ago
i made one of a guy under a street lamp with an led in the lamp i'll post a pic as soon as i take it
(removed by author or community request)
the thing for the chain is called a sprocket I think?

how long did that take to build?!
folklife4 years ago
2nd request:
What wattage soldering iron do you use? Or is it an electric gun?
Where do you buy your resistors? They seem to have thicker leads.
hintss folklife4 years ago
the irons generally reach the same temperature, the wattage is how much stuff it can heat up before having a lower temperature
the resistors seem like ones I got from radio shack, though, if you're talking about the finished sculpture, then my guess is that the added thickness is a few leads twisted together, along with a small bit of solder.
(removed by author or community request)
I like the first one ! :)
Amazing, The one under the street lamp, thats just ART! Really cool.
Brilliant! Where do you get your supplies from?
 they are simply great..
Spectacular. Love it, keep up the good work.
technick298 years ago
Awesome idea, and very well done. I really liked this, so I decided to make my own. It can light up too, though overall, it's not as well done as yours.
IT is different and one can see the labor invested. So where do you get your parts, resistors, etc. from?
(removed by author or community request)
Battery backpack!
nice, I admit i had the same idea as I read this just now..
chr (author)  technick298 years ago
That's cool! I'll definitely make a resistor man with a functional head this christmas! :)
Nice, I'd suggest putting the 9v battery underneath to act as a base (and get it out of view :P ) along with the switch. I was thinking of doing something similiar to this :)
 It was great...
I gonna build one today only.....
Rage6 years ago
i love these things!!!!!! ive made three large ones now, and given one away. all my friends love them!! check out my most recent ones:P
wow those are cool
genius245 Rage5 years ago
Those are freakin awesome!
Rage genius2455 years ago
rickdf6 years ago
Nice looking project. But it really should light up, JMHO. //rick//
You could do that by making the body ou of some sort of battery... A small one but a AA may work for a bigger one Hmm... YOU CAN USE THIS IDEA FOR AN INSTRUCTIBLE BUT BE SURE TO MENTION ME!!!!!!!!
spacecappa5 years ago
what do they do?
sudamkakre6 years ago
Hi there saw your resistor man and i made one of mine too thanks for the idea mine is powered fro a nine volt battery and blinks on and off .
you used a 555 timer to make it blink right?
yes i used 555 to blink it.
pretty cool, i might want to build one! XD *looking for soldering iron*
hi there well i wud prefer the GOOT make soldering iron
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