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Here we can find nice stuffs in Micro controllers and LED's !

Lot of things are here to learn from you. Great work. :)

Nice article on Micro controllers and LEDs

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Good work man. Thanks for following me.

I love the information posted here.. Great instructable. Thank you .

danialbell51 month ago

USB Controlled home automation its a great contribution to home appliances. Great instructables.

Flosyd1231 month ago

Have great quality on LED projects. Great instructables.

JaavarSingh1 month ago

Reverse Engineering .. Crazy technology..

Blade1228881 month ago

I built your 8x8x8 LED cube, and it works AMAZING (All my friends at work love it! Thank you!) However, I would like to play around with the code, but I cannot locate the source files (main.c and main.eep). Could you let me know where I can get a copy? Thank you!

temi6 months ago

i need a led cube 4x4x4 hex or bin file .

user08157 months ago


I' ve realize the the layer-control of my 8x8x8-cube very simple. I use the HIGH-active Decoder 74HC238,( 3 layer-bits Input, direct from the ATMEGA32 ) and the 8 high-active outputs controls direct, without resistors, the Basis of theTransistor BUZ11, it switches the leds per activ layer to the ground.

It works :-)

swish19p9 months ago
Hi, CHR I have made cube from your instructions. I have used ULN2803 darlington IC instead of transistors and cube is working fine.
rex191 year ago
I trid To program the cube white hex file & eepron.eep file
with usbtiny + winavr and i had an error
Can you please tell me what Im doing wrong?