Picture of DIY T-shirt design: Lace up sides - No sew
Got a T-shirt that's way too big and might as well be a night shirt? Cut it up into a form fitting tunic, mini dress, or long top with lace up sides. New sewing required, just scissors and pins/safety pins.

I added a weave on the back (aka T-shirt laddering) and a twist weave on the front. Wear a complementary color underneath to complete the outfit. For this baby blue colored shirt, I'd wear it with a pink tank top/camisole under it.

I made this at TechShop San Jose. They have an adjustable mannequin dress form that makes it easy to work on the shirt and see how it looks and fits.

Step 1: Items you need

Picture of Items you need
1. T-shirt that's too big for you. Mine here is a size large and baby blue in color. Material is 50% cotton, 50% polyester. I got it from the heat press class at TechShop. I like the color but a large is too big for me.

2. Scissors. Sharp shears are best for cutting fabric.

3. Pins and safety pins. Use to mark where to cut and to allow you to try on the work in progress to check the fit.

4. Tape measure (optional). Use it to take your body measurements for adjusting the mannequin and for measuring cuts.

6. Adjustable mannequin dress form (optional). Makes it easy to work on your shirt and check how it looks. Otherwise it's hard to pin the shirt while you're wearing it.

I used this for tips in my recent project and it turned out great!

aszappanos5 months ago

Wow this is cool! Thanks for sharing!

Abigail021 year ago
Wow you did an incredible job!!!