Retro Electric Bike





Introduction: Retro Electric Bike

This is a custom pedal/electric bike I designed and built for school. This slideshow shows the start to finish build of the project.
I am doing Metal Fabrication Engineering along side a boiler making apprenticeship. I am looking to head into custom electric motorbikes or the automotive fabrication area after my apprenticeship and maybe one day have my own shop.
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
Inspired by the bikes from the 30s and 40s with a touch of WW2 Japanese Zero Fighter.
Bike Specs.
Frame: 4130 Chromoly
Swing arms and Front end: 6061 Aluminium.
Tank and Fenders: Aluminium
Leaf Spring Suspension
181 Hand cut pieces
30 parts
86 Bolts.
600+ hours over 16 weeks
Materials and parts $2500 AUD
Electrics : 500w 36v Front Hub 3 X 12v 12Ah AGM SLA Batteries Control and cycle Analyst from



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    All I can say is "incredible'. Love the design. Very original.

    Hello! you are the author? Authorizes me to sell the project in Brazil? Would be great! Thank you!

    Thank you! I'll try to make a simpler design

    Hi, yes I am the author. Generally I don't give away my designs, they cost me too much time and money to make. I would consider selling the concept however.if you'd like to talk PM me.

    Really a great project, and nice craftsmanship. If you are heavy into boiler making why not consider a steam powered warning whistle?

    Great looking bike