Picture of Retro Valentine's Day Card

This is a cool retro Valentine's Day Card. It features pixel heart cut outs that turn red as you open the card. It is super easy to make and fun to give. Enjoy!!!


The image with hands in it is supposed to be animated (its a GIF). If it does not play, click on it and it should work.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

For this retro Valentine's Day card you will need:

A sheet of red paper

2 sheets of white card stock

A printer


Clear packing tape

An X-ACTO knife

Step 2: Cutting

Start off by printing the PDF in this step on a sheet of white card stock. After you have printed it out, you will then need to cut out both parts of the card. You should now have a pink piece (the front of the card) and a white piece that says "Happy Valentine's Day!" (the inside of the card). Trace the outline of the pink piece onto your red sheet of paper. Once you have it outlined to the correct size, you then need to cut it out of the red sheet of paper. Now you should have 3 pieces of paper: the front of the card, the inside of the card, and the back of the card (the red piece).

Next, you will need to use an X-ACTO knife to carefully cut out the pixel hearts from the front of the card. Be sure to remove the red part of the heart; leave the black outline.

Step 3: Assembling

Place some clear packing tape perpendicular to the 3 sides of the card (top, bottom, and left edges). Fold half on the front and the other half on the back, creating an envelope. Next, cut out a small square (approx. 1 in. by 1 in.) from the right side of the card. The cut should be centered. Be sure to cut through both pieces of the card; the front and back.

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Aww! This is so KAWAII! X3 congrats on being a finalist!
WRN10 months ago
How nice is that idea.. congrats... keep a dependable job
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Love this!!!

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congrats on the win

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I might have missed this one, but this card so cool :). Congratulations!! on being a finalist. :)

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Thank you!

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This is so beautiful
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this is very nice and informative how to use old things in new way and new style i really like these kinds of things how to used things that are unused very nice websites on the nice tips

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hell yer. brilliant! just need,a recipient now :/
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Ridiculously cute! :D

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Oh my god. This is SO cool. I think I might make it for myself,