Introduction: Rex Mortis 2.0 Giant Skull Mask With Laser Eyes

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In the second photo I am on my knees. Standing, the top of my head is about 7 1/2 feet tall.

Here is a Youtube video describing these same steps...

Step 1: Prepare/Repair Styrofoam Skull and Hardhat

Picture of Prepare/Repair Styrofoam Skull and Hardhat

Add construction adhesive or caulking to reinforce weak spots in decorative skull head. Buy the 'deluxe' hardhat with adjustable size ratchet so you can clamp it tightly onto your head. Cut off the brim.

Step 2: More Prep

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Touch up paint, make skull eyes extra-black with flat black spray paint. Paint hardhat, drill hole in top for power cable.

Step 3: Prepare Laser Pointers

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Take pointers apart, discard battery section. Stretch out battery terminal spring with needle-nose pliers, solder lead onto spring. Sand paint off section of aluminum for positive lead, clamp bare copper with hose clamp.

Step 4: More Laser Details...

Picture of More Laser Details...

While clamping positive terminal onto tube, be sure to trap the "on" button with the clamp (you'll be using the battery pack switch to turn lasers on and off). Reinforce and insulate connection with hot-melt glue or caulking. Wire lasers in 'series' - positive to negative - and leave about 5' of cord for connection to the battery pack. Finally you'll want to 'zero' the laser 'star cap' so it puts out the maximum number of points of light, lock into place with a piece of duct tape.

Step 5: Construct the "neck"

Picture of Construct the "neck"

First photo shows four layers of black netting fabric. Second photo is double (8 layers). Duct tape is just to hold the whole thing together until it gets Tek-screwed to the hardhat. Turned out the neck was still too translucent, so I added four more layers...much better...can't see my face but I can still see very well from the inside, and still plenty of ventilation.

Step 6: Install Lasers

Picture of Install Lasers

Locate and drill 1/8" pilot hole for lasers from front, then start boring from the back with 1/2" chamfer bit. Drill almost all the way through to the front. Push lasers tightly into hole as shown.

Step 7: Reinforce Lasers

Picture of Reinforce Lasers

Don't forget to tie a knot in the power cord, so it cannot be pulled loose through the hardhat. Measure a piece of stiff wire, make it an inch long, then bend loops on the ends so it won't poke through the styrofoam. Wedge into skull to support the lasers, then add urethane foam over the entire assembly, locking everything into place.

Step 8: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

Pull the power cord through the top of the hardhat tightly up to the knot you made, then attach the battery pack (four "AA" cells, 6V output, on/off switch). Make the wire connections, then tightly wrap with electrical tape so the heavy power cord takes the strain instead of the flimsy battery pack wires. Apply liberal amount of urethane foam to base of skull, press hardhat into place, add more foam at edges. After thoroughly set, trim off excess foam and touch-up with flat black spray paint.

Step 9: Be Scary!

Picture of Be Scary!

You'll want to build the Rex Mortis costume to complete the outfit, or at least get an oversize coat and pad the shoulders, flip up the collar. See the video of the skull starting about 5:55...


amberrayh (author)2015-09-28

This is awesome! You should enter it into the Wearable Tech Contest.

Boombuzz (author)amberrayh2015-10-11

Thank you, I just entered it! Didn't even know there was such a contest.

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