Picture of Robot 3: Autonomous Sensor Platform 'Jimbo'
Robot 3 Circuit Diagram.jpg
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2011 089.jpg
2011 091.jpg
2011 093.jpg
2011 094.jpg
2011 095.jpg
2011 098.jpg
2011 099.jpg
2011 085.jpg
pololu distance sensor ir.jpg
caster 2.jpg
chassis 2.jpg
gearbox 1.jpg
gearbox 2.jpg
2011 100.jpg
2011 102.jpg
This is my first autonomous robot. I built it to explore the interfacing of various sensors to a PICAXE processor. His mission is to search for a magnet (South pole) via his Hall-effect sensors and avoid obstacles via 2 IR reflectance sensors (one looking forward for walls and the other looking downward for cliffs).

The robot's protocol is: go forward until you find a magnet or encounter an obstruction respond to obstructions by stopping, backing up, turning and resuming search. if magnet is found, stop and flash green LED.
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Step 1: Gearbox Assembly

Picture of Gearbox Assembly
The Tamiya 89915 Twin-Motor Gearbox comes from Pololu as a kit. You have a choice of 58:1 or 204:1 gear ratios (I chose 204:1 for 61 RPM operation). I find just assembling these gear boxes to be a lot of fun. Then I added the Pololu round laser-cut chassis and caster kit. The nice thing about using this chassis is that I did not need to drill a single hole, it comes with all kinds of holes and slots. A lot of engineering went into even the caster kit, which has 3 height options (I used the tallest one). With all of these pieces you have a differential drive 2-wheeled robot.