The reasons why I wanted to make a robot suit are complex. To make a long story short, I wanted a costume that I could use to entertain my peers while they studiously prepared for final exams. But I didn't want any old costume--I wanted a robot suit, and I wanted a robot suit that would light up.

Thus, the idea behind the robot costume with LEDs on top was born. While this project took me a fair amount of time, most of it came as a result of a number of mistakes I made during the design and building process that I had to go back and fix. Luckily, though, you won't make these mistakes: they will be marked off as warnings or things to note.

I wanted to keep the basic structure simple and limit it to materials you could find very easily. That resulted in the end appearance of the costume, which sort of looks like these but the guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo was not the inspiration for this costume by any means.

Special thanks to randofo, lamedust, tetranitrate, bradpowers and fungus amungus for their help and for letting me borrow various items.

The full picture gallery is on the last step.

Step 1: Materials

For this robot, you'll need:

Two Cardboard Boxes. These will act as the head and the body; the body one should be substantially bigger than the head. My box dimensions were: a 1 foot cube for the head and 19.5 inches by 23 inches by 29 inches for the body. The 1 foot cube is standard (and I actually could not find an appropriate box so I built my own. I just cut out five 1 foot by 1 foot squares and taped them together firmly with duct tape--see pictures), but the size of the box for the body is variable. Pick a size that fits and that you can find.

Duct Tape: For taping.
Aluminum Tape. For taping that needs to be shiny.
Electrical Tape. Only a small amount, and just to tape down the wires so they don't get in the way.

Aluminum Foil. I used aluminum foil to cover the robot because I didn't want to use spray paint and I wanted a shiny look. However, spray paint would be a viable, and in some cases, easier, alternative.

Wires: Very standard solid hookup wire. I used red and black so that I could easily keep my positives and negatives straight when wiring.
LEDs: 12 single-colored LEDs. WARNING: If you want to use a mix of colors, make sure all of the LEDs have the same resistance--otherwise your circuit won't work.
Solder. For soldering.
Switch. An SPST switch.
Battery and Battery Holder: 9V Battery.
Resistor. 220 Ohms.

Duct. For the arms; I got the cheapest one I could find. Note that they stretch, so a small one should be plenty.

Latex Gloves. For the hands.
Assorted Trash. To fill the hands.

Boxcutter or Knife. To cut the cardboard.
Soldering Iron. For soldering.
Scissors. Cutting tape, duct, etc.
Ruler. Robots apparently only like crisp, straight lines.
Wire cutter and wire stripper. Preparing the wires.
the box should be a tad thinner so it isn't as hard to move. You can probably buy a black sheet of plastic to cover the eye/face part. Very nice job. That was cool how that guy walked up to you and started singing!
I had to look at this since you guys were talking about it last night. Mad skills!!
I made a similar costume about 10 years ago. I used a plastic garbage can for the body. A bucket for the head. Theatre Gels for the eye slot and clamps for the hands.
the taco bell part made me think about food and drink... could the robot have some sort of sliding gate? a hatch for fuel? critical for parties!
My robot costume was powered by Woodchuck Cider that was consumed through the eye slot for big comic effect.
you should add some sort of mesh where the hole for seeing is so people can't see your face and it looks kinda better? and it' looks kinda plain otherwise good costume rlly funny singing in the video
good idea--i'll take that into consideration when i make upgrades to the bot.
Great! Looks like a blast! Kind of reminds me of flight of the conchords music video.
would probably llok better without head piece just a suggestion
I swear, Bilal is the hardest working guy in showbiz....err...at Instructables. also, I was wondering what Josh was up to at Build Night, but this explains it all. Way to go, guys!
Laughing my butt off!
Amazing. Just amazing.<br/><br/><h2>YOU DON'T TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOUR IPHONE YAH.</h2><br/>+5/5 stars.<br/>(added to favorites)<br/>
I love it. Reminds me of the time I made a Hellboy costume by sticking biscuits to my forehead with tape, and painting my face with red acrylic paint. Well done sir!
Fantastic advertising schemes! The video was incredibly amusing,
It wasn't an advertising scheme. This is our way of life.
If that is the case, then life must be good for the Instructables staff!
Don't you know it!
Intergalactic planetary Planetary Intergalactic! :-) Cool costume, and couldn't help thinking of the Beastie Boys video when I saw it!
Pure awesomeness. This reminds me of the hilarious cell phone costume guy that was on here a long time ago (can't find it in the searches though). I want to know the lyrics that that guy was making up towards the end of the video, he was the coolest! :)

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