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A mechanical arm is robotic, usually programmable, with similar functions to a human arm. The links of such a manipulator are connected by joints allowing either rotational motion (such as in an articulated robot) or translational (linear) displacement. The links of the manipulator can be considered to form a kinematic chain. The business end of the kinematic chain of the manipulator is called the end effector and it is analogous to the human hand. The end effector can be designed to perform any desired task such as welding, gripping, spinning etc., depending on the application. My idea is to make a robotic arm which works on slightly movement of muscles for disabled persons to fulfill the duty to assist in the daily activities likes playing chess with friends
or drinking water.In this project i have used motors that is operated by sensors which will work on the movement muscles of hand.The only goal of the project is to integrate into society and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Step 1: Hypothesis

There are many people who are disabled or they don't arms or limbs especially Soldiers have lost there arm in bomb blast or defusing a bomb or in moving tarps. My hypothesis is that to make a robotic arm for disabled persons that is controlled through the movement of the muscle which is transmitted through the sensors..
 i wish i could invent something to make disabled person normal like othersi wish i could invent something to make disabled person normal like others
Nice thoughts, strive hard to achieve it.. :)
Nice thoughts.. <br>Well design is not so capable to do some job, just I tried to :) ...
How far did you get with this, I've almost use of both arms suffering with ALS and am searching for something like this to assist me
<p>i want to end the disability and their feeling of inferiority complex .......... and to end their sense of deprivation </p>
very cool project. How much weight can this arm lift?
up to 500grams, I know it is less, but some modifications will make it better...

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