This was an awesome project that was done in Honors Physics.  All it is a hot wheel toy that we made into a rocket powered car.  It is very easy to create.  The Purpose of the project was to calculate the acceleration of the cars as they ran through the Photogates.

You will need:
-Any type of Hot Wheels toy car
-C rocket motor with ignition
-Zip Ties
-Duck Tape
-A straw or Pen Tube
-A 12-Volt Battery

For the Track:
- 16' x 4" x 3" Plank of Wood
-  12 gauge steel wire
- 2 L brackets
- Wood Screws

Step 1: Step 1

To construct the car we drilled a hole through the winshield and back window to be able to secure pen tube through the car.  This pen tube is used to keep the car moving straight on the track by having the track wire run through it.

Then secure C Rocket Motor to the top of car using Zip Ties as well as Duck Tape to make sure the rocket does not move as it accelerates.  Make sure the Duck Tape is not touching the wheels of the car or it may cause friction.

Car Weight (Mass):
Blue Bronco: 86.9 grams
Red Convertible: 66.1 grams

would you sell me the bronco? I've been looking for a hotwheels mud truck build and i love broncos so i thought this one would be perfect thanks

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