Roof Basket/Rack Easy Lock Idea





Introduction: Roof Basket/Rack Easy Lock Idea

This is an idea for an easy roof rack/basket lock idea.  I used copper pipe to see if this would work.  It does work and could be much better with steel or galvanized pipe.  

The video is pretty self explanatory but feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions. 




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    Basic, simplistic and lathered w/ pure genius!

    Thank you very much!

    I havent posted in a long time.. But this is such a good idea. So I had to tell you.

    Nice work

    Thanks for the reply and for taking a look. I actually am refining the design so I have taken the lock off for the moment. I didn't try driving with the lock in place yet so not sure if it would be loud or not.

    As far as the rack itself it has been pretty quiet. No real noise above what I had before it was on the Jeep. Good idea with the plastidip.

    nice concept.

    Have you had any issues with the lock flopping around (making noise) when you drive?

    I built a roof rack for my van out of square steel tubing, and it would hum horribly on the highway. It was like the jug band from hell .. lol

    I fixed the problem by dipping each of the ends in plastidip several times to create end caps