Run Ubuntu From Your USB Stick





Introduction: Run Ubuntu From Your USB Stick

This tutorial will show you how to run ubuntu from your usb stick so you have an OS you can take anywhere and boot almost anywhere.

You will need:

- a USB stick with around 8 GB (can be bought quite cheaply off amazon here*)

- a Windows Computer

*= associates referral link

First, download the software "LinuxLive USB Creator" from and install it.

Step 1: Installing the USB Stick

Before running the software, attach the USB stick you want to use.

Then, once the window opened, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the USB stick you want to use in the drop down menu. Make sure it is the correct one.

Step 2: Click on "Download" if you haven't downloaded Ubuntu yet, or click "ISO / IMG / ZIP" if you already downloaded it before.

Step 3: Set the persistence bar to max. This defines how much storage you will have in your system. (4GB is max)

Step 4: ignore, unless your usb stick isn't FAT32 formatted.

Step 5: Click the lightning icon to start the installation. After it is done you can simply boot from your USB stick and choose "Try Ubuntu without installing". Everything you do will be saved, so don't worry. Thanks to the persistence memory you set before your files and settings will be saved.



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I do step by step, but when startup from usb, happend error as picture attached, Please show me how to fix it.

Note: Macbook pro mid 2014, usb 8gb


Ubuntu is awesome!
I will NEVER go back to windows.

1 reply

Once you get there, it's difficult to use windows again without shouting ugly things.

"GNU" (operative system) with Linux kernel

A free operating system unlike windows...

An operating system (like windows)

Can I use my USB stick for something else (can I format it after testing Ubuntu)?

1 reply

you can't format it, but you could just create a seperate folder for "normal" files on the usb stick. Make sure not to delete any folders or files of the ubuntu system.