Picture of Ryuk Costume
(Since I tend to get asked about selling the Shinigami, Rem and Ryuk have been sold. But hey, you can make your own!)

Everybody's favorite Shinigami.

Ryuk is a death god featured in the manga/anime/live-action-films called Death Note. Have no clue what I'm talking about? It's this guy right here! I based my costume mainly on an image from Takeshi Obata's Blanc et Noir (an art book by the artist of the Death Note manga. See previous link for the particular image I'm talking about).

This costume is made up of a long leather shirt, leather pants, leather boots, a pleather-and-leather belt, leather belt bag, leather notebook, 3 resin rings, 2 bracelets, earring, "arm skull", buckle, belt end, chain connector, pen, belt and notebook cross, shrink-plastic chain, staples and teeth, latex mask, resin eyes, "painted" and styled wig, and a whole lot of feathers. Everything was either made or heavily altered, including the boots.

The leather outfit was made of over 80 pieces of leather patch-worked together. I used an old ill-fitting trenchcoat, bought a few coats from Value Village and was given an old pair of pants from my brother in law. I took them all *completely* apart, so I was left with (mainly) rectangular pieces of leather. Individual pieces were drafted and cut out, given texture with a wood-burning tool and sewn to other pieces. Zippers, grommets, studs and cords adorned the pieces, along with kneepads and a spine (both of which were formed by soaking leather in water and leaving them around light bulbs and an ice cube tray). For the feather epaulettes, I pulled the tips of the feathers through fabric and dabbed a bit of hot glue on them to hold them in place. This feather-adorned fabric was sewing to giant shoulder-pads I had made (that were later sewn onto the shirt). There are over 350 feathers. I lost count.

I made a new head/upper-torso armature to sculpt on. Apparently I can no longer sit still, so when my husband was putting plaster of paris bandages on my back, then front, I kept jerking my head back, so the mold came out a little wonky. It was "good enough" for my purposes, so I cast a wonky copy of myself out of cement. I sculpted Ryuk's head over my armature using sulfur-free oil-based clay. I made a two-piece Ultra Cal 30 mold of the sculpt, then cast a latex positive. The mask was painted with acrylic paints mixed with a latex paint base.  The wig was "painted" black and glued to the mask. The eyes were made by cutting two ping-pong balls in half and pouring resin into the halves. The middle of the eyes were drilled out, then the entire inside of the eyeballs were dremelled down so the pupils would fit inside them. The pupils were from broken sunglasses that I cut and dremelled down to a circle-ish shape. You could see quite clearly out of them - when they didn't fog up. Almost the various accessories (belt parts, rings) were also sculpted out of clay, then cast in either resin or latex. For a complete step-by-step on how I make my latex/resin masks, please take a look at my Terminator and Donnie Darko instructables (for those curious about resin casting) and my Asari Headpiece and Princess Leia Bikini (if you want to know more about latex casting).

This costume would not have been possible without all the Ryuk cosplayers out there; I looked at many-a-photo before I even started mine, and was delighted to see a enthusiastic crowd of people making this costume. On cosplay.com, QueenToast, SuzzyToast and fly_aguilera have some of the best Ryuks I have ever seen. Ryuk could also not have been done without the help of my husband, who helped bandaged me up in plaster-of-paris, and who helped/was *needed* to help get me into costume. Thanks to Marmbo/Clint Hay for some of the photographs. And thanks to my friend Rachel; it took three of us to transport cement back and forth between locations to make my new head armature!

The entire costume took over 2 solid months to make. I'm still recovering.
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Domguevara2 days ago
If you can privately message me when ever you get a chance I would like to know if you would be willing to make another one and how much it would cost, I would just be interested in body suit, not the head piece, I love your work and how you made this it's incredible, I'm just not skilled in this art lol
Tatterhood (author)  Domguevara2 days ago
Alas, I have no time to commit to making another suit! You can make one with just a little bit of sewing knowledge (you're essentially sewing patches together/onto clothing) but it takes *a lot* of time to do everything involved (supply run, cutting patches, designing patch elements, sewing patches, etc). Sorry.
Of course I understand! I'm sure YouTube can help with sewing skills, anyway it was worth a shot, but thanks again for putting this istrucatble up! You have a cool talent! And maybe I can make this myself before Halloween that's the hope at least!
olaw1011 month ago

Hi, how do I PM you? Id be interested in buying just the mask/head part of this costume if you'd be willing to sell it.

kenshin-kun3 months ago
i want it~does it fits me?i'm like 153cm tall and i dunno my friends call me bones.
Tatterhood (author)  kenshin-kun3 months ago

I dunno, that's like 5'1"

guccibatman10 months ago

I'm interested in knowing if you'd be willing to sell a Ryuk costume

Tatterhood (author)  guccibatman10 months ago

I'm not making any additional Ryuk costumes or masks, but I wouldn't
mind selling my current Ryuk. However it's probably not going to fit
most people - it was made for an xxs 5'11" woman. If that describes you and you're still interested,
PM me about it :)

can i? i'm 153 cm does it fit?
It's amazing how accurate it is to the anime. I just started watching it and Ryuk is already my favorite character! I would like to know how to make the latex mask, that's the best part of all this!
jin1g6 months ago
That's hella amazing hella love it
fkumpusch10 months ago

Can I order a Costume of Ryuk ? I'm very interested. My Email adress: fkumpusch@gmail.com

Tatterhood (author)  fkumpusch10 months ago

Sorry! This slipped off of my radar until now.

I'm not making any additional Ryuk costumes or masks, but I wouldn't
mind selling my current Ryuk. However it's probably not going to fit
most people - it was made for an xxs 5'11" woman. If that describes you and you're still interested,
PM me about it :)

guccibatman10 months ago

I'm interested in knowing if you'd be willing to sell a Ryuk costume

DelaneyP11 months ago

What kind of wig did you use? I'm currently in the process of making a Ryuk cosplay and I'm making the mask out of paper mache then just going to paint my neck and chest the same color as the mask.

Tatterhood (author)  DelaneyP11 months ago

This is the wig I got


I styled it and (gasp) spray painted it black (which worked for Ryuk, but I don't recommend doing that for any other character!)

Jolly Mic11 months ago
Absolutely fantastic work!
sdalle1 year ago


How do you mold the latex mask? Do you cast the front and then the back or both at the same time?

Tatterhood (author)  sdalle1 year ago

I made the ultracal mold of the front, then (with the front mold still
on) made the mold of the back. After the pieces have cured, the clay is
cleaned out from the two mold sections, then they are put together. I
then cast the latex mask by pouring slush latex into the mold.

This is amazing!

cakesprite1 year ago

WOW! Amazing! :D

I don't know any words to fully express my envy/coveting of this costume! (and your artistry) :D


rburn1 year ago
Have a question: 'How long did it take you for the cosplay?
Tatterhood (author)  rburn1 year ago

I spent over two months working on it (but not full-time!)

mrowell21 year ago
How much clay / plaster / latex did you need to complete this look?
Tatterhood (author)  mrowell21 year ago
It's a little hard to say, as I buy a lot of my supplies in "bulk", so I'm bad at keeping track of it! For the clay, I'd say I used about 9 pounds of plastercine. For the latex, about a pint.
wusupworld1 year ago
Best.. Costume.. Ever!
adamyaakov1 year ago
wow that was amazing to read! youre aswome!
pino11 year ago
Marvelous. Amazing job
tzsch1 year ago
This is actually really scary. Awesome work
ktuber1 year ago
Wow...jaw dropping. Apple time.
This is the best Ryuk costume I wil see in all my life TTuTT
It's so perfect and it has all the details.
You should wear it at a con.
nissan07121 year ago
damnit. i must admit. i am so fracking impressed on this DIY costume more than you can imagine. I love the comics and dvds with Ryuk. damn great job. KUDOS indeed. and i hate myself for not being skinny enough for this outfit. hehe
xenor1 year ago
I keep coming back to this one just to admire it again. Best. Costume. Ever.
afcron1 year ago
They should have put YOU in the live-action movies! Lol a lot better than that CG nonsense
bakunin1 year ago
Amazing build!
EET19821 year ago
Very awesome! Nice job!
Wow..perfect! The detail and time you must of put in. To do Ryuk, Face Off couldn't even match this. Phenomenal!
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