A little imagination and found objects create the basis of a GREEN scene graveyard!

Step 1: Gather GREEN Materials

Do the earth a favor and throughout the year snag...

STYROFOAM PACKAGING  - our office was upgrading all computers and the inserts protecting electrical components refused to end up in a landfill.  The styrofoam packaging is ideal when repurposed into a green graveyard

EXPIRED CAMPAIGN SIGN SUPPORTS  - do the neighborhood a favor and remove stray election signs from public locations the day AFTER the election.  These are great for securing the outdoor decorations

"OOPS" PAINT -  Home improvement centers will often sell mismatched paint  (cheap!) and are willing to tint it grey at no extra charge.  "Free boxes" at garage sales are another source.  These will come in handy when trying to give the appearance of aged marble/concrete.

PLASTIC FLOWERS - what thrift store doesn't have an overabundance of plastic flowers waiting to make another appearance...even if it is at a GREEN graveside?

CHEESY KNICK-KNACKS - prayng angels, infant cherubs, doll heads...can all be painted black/grey and secured to tombstones for an added touch.

While most of the materials can be acquired on the cheap (practically free!), investing in a few tubes of Liquid Nails will be your only major expense when securing layers of  found items together.

<strong>Excellent idea!&nbsp; I'm so glad I found this on <em>Earth Day</em> and will have lots of time to save styrofoam and make the graveyard for Halloween.&nbsp; Thanks!</strong>
Packing material - yuck!!!&nbsp; I love how you've re-used the styrofoam and how your gravestones&nbsp;&quot;allow&quot;&nbsp;styrofoam&nbsp;to 'be itself&quot; -- i.e. chips, break-aways only enhance the gravestones.&nbsp;Please consider writing&nbsp;the packaging company to insert your instructable as an effort to&nbsp;mitigate some of&nbsp; their enviro-waste!&nbsp; I'd wager it&nbsp;would be well-received.
WOW!&nbsp; Where do you find such talent!!&nbsp; This will be perfect for our next fall festival.
<p>Hats off to Instructibles for featuring this.&nbsp; It gives me a terrific idea for putting the styrofoam packaging from future Christmas gifts to use.&nbsp; In addition I'll have plenty of time (10 months) after Christmas to&nbsp;ATTEMPT to model this display.&nbsp;&nbsp;Thanks for sharing this&nbsp;creative idea!&nbsp;</p>
I think that styrofoam literally takes forever to break down into the environment.&nbsp; What a neat use for it that can be reused every year!&nbsp; This would be fun for kids to do as well.&nbsp; Thanks for the great idea!
&nbsp;I&nbsp;forgot that I wanted to mention that we use bamboo skewers to hold our stones, usually 2 thru the back and one on each side is sufficent, really tall stones though do require a scrounge in the junk pile 4 a stake of some kind
Nice &quot;ible' it could have used more pics of different steps but I realize how difficult it can be to stop in the process of creation to take pics !&nbsp; You did up some totally awesome stones, we usually get to the graveyard last and filler stones are quikly done in generic style... maybe next year I'll have some inspired by yours.. now to collect some packing material....

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