In this instuctable ill show how to make handpowered led torch from servo motor

The basic principle behind this project is servo acting as a generator when given mechanical rotation which is similar to bicycle dynamo

Step 1: Materials Required

servo motor

small cube with lid


super glue

Step 2: Fixing the Led

make a hole on the cube so as to hold the led and passage of wire

Step 3: Servo Connections to Led

servo is connected to led by the 2 terminals present in both ledand servo motor

connect the led to servo and just give a check by rotating the motor shaft clockwise and anticlockwise

Step 4: Gluing Up

using super glue base of servo is attached to back side of cube

Step 5: Torch Is Ready Just Give a Little Rotation and Its Ready for Action

Step 6: Full Video of Making the Torch



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    sorry nice try bit no.1 you kill the led verry soon.

    2 its a flash not a constand light

    3 to smal to handle

    i would put 1 item on it : Z -- you see here the letter Z, thats our paperclip bend it almost like that but with a Vertical LINE not scuare. put a piese of tubing on the side you turn the led on and you can CONTINU have light. (but place a resistor of 500 Ohm and see how bright it is then go lower in Ohm`s by 100ohm every time (not lower then 200\300ohms

    ya ill try to improve it....

    and dont get me wrong friend,

    its amazing in its simplicity and looks,but the name was what me akted to respond.

    as i say ,nice

    (related subjects) if we integrate rectifier , capacitor , modulated LED drive¹ with current control² ((then it's not sure if it's all worth it ... unless we succeed to find the working configuration for particular combination of hardware -- servo , LED , ...))

    ¹ https://www.instructables.com/id/555-Timer/step7/5...

    (the PPM drive is likely easier to fine tune for MOS-FET and vice versa than PWM -- about¹)

    ² http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/can-som...

    (there are not too many good precision high current limiting circuits -- about² -- though all above may need modifications to fit in to new needs)

    anyways nyc video.......

    New York City viideeoo nana nan naa nan naa naa naa naa naaa . . . Sempre assim, Em cima, em cima Em cima, em cima Sempre assim, Em baixo, em baciu Em baixo, em baciu

    (todays mood , muhahaa)

    very good initiative for servo generator use

    (i guess i have some floppy drives lying around F;i)

    When your Led will burn (soon), add a resistor to the new one, it will last much longer !

    ya sure ill try it out

    anyway thanks for ur suggestion..

    Let me collect these materials. Then i will do next things.