Turning things on and off via SMS the easy way.

Have you ever wished you could turn something on or off after you've left the house?

Wether you left the computer on or you want to turn your remote computer or server on, being able to remotely control your devices is handy.

I have tried the hard wiring and relays scenario and its too complicated.

Now before you freak out and worry about the cost of SMS, I want you to check out how cheap a SIM card really is.

You won't really be sending to it, only receiving, so you really only need network access and not credit. I scored one for $5 with 365 days of access and an online sign up.

Step 1: ​Enter the Remote Sockets Made by Watts Clever.

These sockets come with a handset that you can use to control them from within the house, much like a TV remote (great if you’re too lazy to get out of bed!).

Although the best part is that this remote uses common 433Mhz radio signalling.

<p>now that's impressive!</p>
good work
Thanks!<br><br>Its a simple and useful project.

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