Sake Bomb





Introduction: Sake Bomb

Are you of legal drinking age? Want to join the hipster social drinking scene? Sake bombs are fun to make and exciting to drink. Additionally, this is a great way to get rid of bad sake. We had a sake tasting - bottles ranging from $4 to $12. Surprisingly, the $7 bottle (Snow Beauty) was the best in our opinion...

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need

A Glass (one that a shot glass can fit in)
A Shot Glass
Chilled Sake* (we did a sake tasting, and used the worst tasting of them all)
Beer (we used Sapporo - the only yellow fizzy beer our house will tolerate - probably because it doesn't have a multi million dollar ad campaign)

*You may prefer warm sake - I don't. It's only recently that I've tried it chilled, and it quickly became my preference for sake bombers.

Step 2: Preparation

  • Pour about a shot glass height o beer into your glass
  • Pour a Shot of Sake into your shot glass
  • Place chopsticks on top of glass
  • Place Shot glass on top of chopsticks

When placing your shot glass, the idea is to make it very easy for your glass to fall.

Step 3: Drinking

So, now that we have a precariously set sake bomb - it's time to set it off and drink. To set the bomb off, you bang, with both hands, on your table on either side of the pint glass. But if you're drinking with more than one person, and I hope you are, it's great to coordinate. So count to three in Japanese and bang on the table!

Sake (bang on table here)

Then, drink everything down.

Now, it will likely make a mess on the table. So having a towel around to mop up is a good idea ;)



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    Actually, most people use itchi ni san shi, because it's rather hard to differentiate between itchi and itch when people say it..

    itch is just a less formal way of saying it lol

    poor guy in the middle :(

    I have a few bottles of Habu Sake just waiting to the Superbowl

    Why would you want to insult Jagermeister by polluting it with Red Bull? At the very least, think of the unicorns. ;)

    Sure, if you like Red Bull o.0

    Itch tch

    when we did this my shot glass broke and i didn't realize and i chugged broken was AWSOME!