A spiffy appetizer from the French Laundry cookbook, with details.

Step 1: Prepare Coronet Forms

To properly roll the cookies into their ice cream cone shapes, you'll need a conic form that can withstand some time in a 400F oven.

The cookbook suggests a #35 4 1/2" coronet mold, but since this was a one-off for a French Laundry themed party we decided to make our own out of paper.

After some rummaging, I found a 4" diameter circular object for tracing (the base of a pitcher) and made some circles on a manila folder. I also made one on a sheet of glossy paper, the thick stock used as the cover of an expensive yuppie magazine we magically get for free. Note that I'm NOT putting the glossy stuff into the oven for fear of toxic bleeding or outgassing; that's what the manila folder is for.

Draw another circle on the glossy paper ~1/2" outside the original circle, and add a tab. Now cut around the outside circle and inside of the 4" circle to make a 4" diameter stencil.

Cut out the manila circles; I used 5. These need to be shaped into cones for use as your forms, so you've got to get them nice and tight. I wanted to staple them into position, but they're too small to successfully staple. We also nixed glue, tape, and rubber bands as unable to stand up to oven conditions. Pinning sounded good in theory, but probably would have ended in tears. I finally ended up sewing them in place, which was surprisingly fast. The key is to pass the thread directly THROUGH the cone, then wrap around the flap as you prepare for your next pass. After three or so stabs across the cone, exit next to the original knot (you should have made a BIG knot, and left an inch or so of tail) and tie off with the tail. These worked beautifully, and looked sort of spooky.
<p>Beautiful! I'd like to say I'll try these but probably just end up eating the salmon tartare part, accompany that with a glass of wine and call it a day. I admire your talent and patience. Well done!</p>
I think I need to come to your house and just eat everything in your fridge. Yum. Stasia
That can be arranged. ;)
i believe people often use uncooked eggs as a sort of "glue"
that's how we keep eggrolls closed. After we wrap the wrapper around the meats, we smear some beaten egg onto the loose flap (kinda like licking the wrapper when you're rolling a cigarette) I think it prolly has something to do with the proteins binding when the water evaporates, or when it gets cooked...
Hm, neat idea. The paper was pretty stiff, though, so it would have to be a very STRONG glue to keep them together. They also have to last in the oven.
This uses Raw Salmon, right? Isn't there some danger with pregnant women and large sea-faring fish? Mercury or something... not sure. I actually work at an ice-cream shop, and we have little plastic cone-forms. I asked my boss, they were only about $15 each, so it may be worth it to buy them if that's what you're looking for. I guess they won't work if you need to bake them again after shaping them. What about those little bottles that alcohol comes in in airplanes (or used to) Could you use those? Chance of breaking though, so probably not.
Mercury accumulation can be an issue, primarily in large, old fish that eat higher up on the food chain. Both of these things give time and opportunity to concentrate heavy metals and other toxins, which are then stored in the fatty tissues. Check this <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~frf/sea-mehg.html">FDA list</a> for more details on methylmercury concentrations, and <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.oceansalive.org/eat.cfm?subnav=healthalerts">OceansAlive</a> for more fun toxin info and consumption chart. Both are useful lists for people of all ages and genders.<br/><br/>Wild-caught Pacific salmon (this is what I used above) are pretty good in this regard, while farmed Atlantic salmon aren't- they're fed fish meal, thus forcing them to eat &quot;higher&quot; up the food chain.<br/><br/>Neat idea about the bottles. I'll have to experiment, with safety glasses. ;)<br/>
my dad and i both love salmon. i'll have 2 try it sometime!!!!!!!!!
Yumm! Thanks for the wicked recipe. Makes me super hungry too. :)
Holy crap! You don't fuck around. Now I'm hungry.

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