I like my reading lamp. Mostly. The switch is the only problem. It's a half sphere, and it was smooth, and it was a rotary style (not button). Not that easy to use if your fingers were wet from holding a cold drink on a humid day, or washing them, or if you're boycotting-paper-towels-and-letting-everything-air-dry as an experiment. When wet, your fingers tended to slip off the top instead of turning it on and off.

This instructable is how I fixed it. As in, "There, I Fixed It." Basically, I
1)paint the surface,
2) let the paint get tacky,
3) dribble sand on it
4) blow excess sand off
5) paint over it to keep the sand in place
6) add as many coats as I think the surface will need.

But it works, and I'm happy with how it looks. So pleased, that I now share pictures on the interwebs for all to see :)

Step 1: Prep Work

Get permission if you need it, get your materials together, clean off the surface to be modified, put down your newspaper to control the mess, and then to begin!  I like to position everything right where it's handy before I start.

I use primer as my first coat, just out of habit.  If you are doing this on metal, I recommend Rustoleum, it's my fav.  Works great.  I do not guarantee this to work on all surfaces. Glass and mirrors are probably too smooth. But it would in effect ruin that surface anyway.
This project isn't super time critical down to the second. If you have to walk away, you can probably pick up just where you left off, or repeat the step, with no ill effects.
i would just sugru it<br>
awesome idea. thanks for sharing!

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