Picture of Saruman's Wizard Staff
Besides my Gandalf the Grey staff, I also made a "matching" staff for Saruman the White/Many Colors. 

Just like Gandalf's staff, it begins with an approximately 1" wide wooden dowel from Home Depot ($3.50), cut to be about head height. 

I also used E6000, super tacky craft glue, a sheet of black craft foam from Michael's (about $1), a wooden 2" doll head from Michael's ($1.50), black, white, and silver paint, and glossy varnish. 
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Step 1: Glue the doll head to the top of the staff.

Picture of Glue the doll head to the top of the staff.
Use E6000 to glue the doll head (which has a flat base) to the wooden dowel. Make sure you use the glue in a well-ventilated area, and let it dry/cure for at least 48 hours before proceeding. 

Step 2: Paint the staff.

Picture of Paint the staff.
I painted the doll head with a coat of white paint, then added a very thin, slightly watered down silver layer to get the misty swirly look that Saruman's staff has. 

The rest of the staff I painted black. 

Step 3: Make the fins.

Picture of Make the fins.
Hold the staff over a piece of paper and trace its silhouette. You will use this shape to sketch the fins. I used a picture of the staff to help me estimate how long the fins should be and where the curves were. Alternately, you could print out my drawing and use it as a stencil to trace your own fins. Cut four fins from the craft foam, making all of your lines as smooth as possible. 

Step 4: Attach the fins.

Picture of Attach the fins.
Using a very tacky craft glue (Elmer's would be too watery), put a thin line of glue along the inner edge of a fin, and carefully stick it onto the staff, making sure that it stays straight. You can adjust it quickly after you put it on; if the glue smears, don't worry, since it should dry clear anyway. 

Let the first fin dry. Repeat for the other three fins, making sure to line them up so that they are all at right angles to each other. If necessary, you can sketch faint pencil lines for guides on the staff. 
galvatron52210 months ago

this is an easy and accurate way to make it, i might use it for a D&D role play costume :)

SMOKINACE992 years ago
This is awesome thanks I built my own and it's a great addition to my saruman costume. 10/10!
I think I will try this but with a foam ball and LEDs inside
claramecium2 years ago
cool idea!
nchampagne12 years ago
I'm definitely going to try this, though i may try MDF, rather than craft foam, to make it slightly more rigid, but i will definitely make one
monkeys982 years ago
it would look great with lights in the ball that move around
spaap2 years ago
AWESOME, cheap and simple! Also if you really want you can add LEDs ithe ball thingy and have a cool effect in the dark.
monsterlego2 years ago
Impressive and cheap, cool
dspencer92 years ago
Wow. that is epic. I will do that.
Ernext2 years ago
wow! genius, and this is really cheap, thanks!
fretted2 years ago
That's very realistic looking you did a great job !
poofrabbit2 years ago
This looks fantastic! Nicely done! Is it very heavy?
mikeasaurus2 years ago
That looks really good. Did you have the costume to go with it?