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Ever wanted to have a place where you could keep your files and access them anywhere you get an Internet connection? Say you wanted to have your music library available in case you wanted to give a song to one of your friends, or maybe you wanted to let your relatives download your entire library of vacation photos, or maybe you need a place to host programs you write or maps you make. How about a Web page? Ever wanted to have your own Web page? All of these can be accomplished with a home Web server...and more!

It's actually really simple to set up a Web server at home. I'm going to use this while I'm away at college to host game servers, have an offsite file backup, and share files with friends. Since the PC hosting the server will be at my house and I will be in my dorm room, obviously I can't just walk over and start changing system settings, so we'll need some kind of remote access.

Also, obviously, you'll need a dedicated PC, one you can leave running and leave connected at all times. What good is a server that goes down all the time? This PC doesn't have to be great, but remember, the more you run on it, the faster the PC needs to be to not lag (duh).
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u still not teeling us how to do it

can i contact you ?

Logan L.J4 days ago

can I set up an owncloud server on my windows 7 laptop and keep windows?

In order to run a server for 1 mil members how much ram and store capacity do I need?

great tutorial :) :D

PlabonA1 month ago

I have use for my site. and the result is good

MaanavS2 months ago

can you boot from a USB drive and if so what are specs need? USB 3.0? 64 GB?

MaanavS2 months ago

I have a computer that has about 65 gb of ram and a 5TB hardrive

im gonna use this as a server for a couple of months so will i be able to remove ubantu from my PC without causing damage to any of my files or windows 8 os

DarkS13 months ago

i think they should make, how it works rather than how to set it up. wth is goin on while you do the clicking.

RishitB4 months ago

are we supposed to select "standalone sever" or "service form inetd" in the proftpd installation?

9DIGI4 months ago

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I have started the install process (step 3). I've elected to install Ubuntu with Windows 7. When I reboot my laptop I do not get the operating system bootloader (GRUB). What corrective actions do you recommend? Thank you.

MrSTUDofRC8 months ago

I cannot seem to get "sudo apt-get install proftpd" to work - it can't find the package - even when I do do "aptitude update" - please help

vishal418 months ago

very very good

SHeriff198 months ago

It works for streaming internet Radio ??

eamc3179 months ago

Awesome! Thank you very much!

fluttrz1 year ago

I have to just say after i read "This PC doesn't have to be great, but remember, the more you run on it, the faster the PC needs to be to not lag (duh)." I have to say I had to sign up right then and there. TOTAL HONESTY very nice touch. And I am very glad I did register your site is THE SITE I have been searching for, to bad it took ... lets just say WAY TO LONG to find it. I will be passing your site on to all those that will listen. Great job. Oh and thank you.

Hi every one,

Can any one tell me about the look of this server? Can I attach this server with the website like with user name and password box is it?

Its my skype: smartlink4u (add me for discuses)

hi great instructable you it helped me greatly
thesush2 years ago
Hi great instructable !! I just have a question about trouble shooting. When I try to search my internet ip it says my internet server can not be found. I suppose this means my port forwarding isn't working however I trying to troubleshoot this and nothing seems to be working :(. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Such a great instructable !

I really want to make a home web server too but will wait until you make an upto date windows server as i only know windows 1 !!!

Many thanks in advance for the Up and Coming Updated Windows Server for Home users-hack-thing-instructable, lol !!!
I have one question before I attempt this. Does the size of the hard drive matter?
I notice in your specs it says a 60 GB HDD, but is that enough to hold all of the data that your server is going to handle? I only ask because the PC I want to do this with has an 80 GB HDD
blazed013 years ago
Hello, I'll try to set-up a web hosting using ubuntu server 11.10 but, when i try do the step a got error also when i try install apache2, and the GUI. I don't what to do....please help me. thanks!
techboy4113 years ago
harias4 years ago
I got an error message when trying to activate:
-Fatal: TLSRSACertificateFile:'etc/garmin-proftpd/certs/cert.pem' does not exist online 57 of '/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf'
I am using Ubuntu 10.10, nd I have the feeling this tutorial is for a lower version...
I'm using Kubuntu 11.04 and I got the same issue. Try filling in the info. fields on the certificate section, then click apply. (scroll down a bit) It worked for me!
maxpower496 years ago
how can you tell if your processor is 64 bit compatable
Q-ro maxpower493 years ago
If you are using Linux you could run the following command on a terminal (command line):

uname -m

if you get a i386 or i686 response then it is 32 bit, a x86_64 response means its a 64bit.

Also if you get the 2 editions (64 and 32), and try to get the 64 bits version running on your pc it won't work at all so you will know you pc is not meant for 64 bits .

Another method would be to check the processor manufacturer webpage.
CalcProgrammer1 (author)  maxpower496 years ago
If you're in Windows, you can use PC Wizard 2008 (free app, google it) and check for "AMD64" technology or "IA_64" or something like that. If you're unsure, you can use the 32 bit edition on any PC (64 or 32 bit processors both run 32 bit programs, only 32 bit processors can't run 64 bit programs). You probably won't notice a major performance difference between the two versions, so just go with 32 if you are unsure.
Q-ro3 years ago
One question ¿is it possible to set a GUI on a server edition? i was just wandering, i believe i can just install the genome-desktop package from aptitude, but don't wanna try it out to discover it mess up my server.

Thanks in advance.
You can try checking the computer properties by right clicking on my computer and clicking on properties or try going to your run program in the start menu and type dxdiag click ok and click yes on the popup window.
CalcProgrammer1 (author) 4 years ago
This tutorial is over 2 years old, I wrote it in 2008 for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which is now very outdated. The packages have changed and it looks like gadmin-proftpd does not work the same way as it did in 8.04. Unfortunately I do not have time to create a new Instructable, also I switched my server to Windows XP Pro because I needed to run some Windows stuff that Wine couldn't handle.
shaqadim5 years ago
 mine keeps on coming up saying that my computer can only be reached on a local network but i have a ethernet cable connected y wont it connect to the internet
you need to go into your router and configure port forwarding
web port is 80 and set the address as the webserver and you should be able to access it from the EXTERNAL ip address that your network sits behind
Knuxz shaqadim4 years ago
You probably need to open the correct ports on your router so that when other computers are trying to remotely access it they can have a path to follow.
may also want to set up ddns.
Once you start using a web server, you will wonder why you never used one before. I run my private apache web server on an old an old pII. It is currently running Ubuntu though I prefer debian when I am not running centos. I had it on I think ubuntu server 6.x and have done in-place upgrades as they came along the way to 9.x. (i.e. no reformatting or disk wiping). This is an example of the actual web pages i run on it. I have since added doing home automation on it. Keep finding uses for that legacy computer. Microsoft Windows Supporters said I should have thrown away a long time ago. It is not what you use, but how you use it.
BitFiber5 years ago
 I have a problem.  I forwarded my ports correctly, and I can't access the 'It Works!' page from my internet ip.  I can access it from my local ip.  What could be wrong?
Your internet address will be differrent from your local address. ddns is a way around that. There are several free servers to allow to do that. web search free ddns.
CalcProgrammer1 (author)  BitFiber5 years ago
If you can't access the page from your Internet IP it may mean that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks port 80 (the HTTP port that web pages use).  This is more common than I would like to believe for home ISP's and they'll use some lame excuse like "security" to back up their business-greed-minded decision (they unblock port 80 at the "professional level" for an additional $20 because monopolies will do anything to force the extra buck sometimes).  I would try serving on different ports until you find one that your ISP doesn't block.  I'm not sure how to change the port for Apache (probably a setting file that you'll have to edit at the terminal) but to access HTTP sites at non-80 ports you tack the port number on to the IP or web address such as (connecting to IP [the standard router local IP] on port 210 [the alternative port I usually use for FTP at school]).  I like to use ports that are similar to the correct port, such as using 210 for FTP (which is normally 21) or 800 for HTTP (normally 80).  If these don't work, I also like ports 1337 and 31337 for obvious reasons.
Dms124445 years ago
Pardon my asking, but in Windows couldn't you just use IIS (internet information services), It's free (I think), and runs on Windows.
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