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Nice instructable on setting up a server. I'm going to be heading off to college and was thinking about doing this and your guide finally convinced me. You have a pretty nice mousepad, too.
dave686 years ago
I found a tri-colored "Jedi sword" my kid got at a Canada day celebration... it has a switch to turn it on and off, and it switches to random patterns - uses red green and blue led's too - it uses 3.6 v i'm sure one could "tap" into a spare 5v from PSU for that...simple. Just for those like me who didn't want to bother with the mess of the breadboard making...
CalcProgrammer1 (author)  dave686 years ago
You could use the controller from that if you just want random colors or color cycling.  However, it may only use one or two LED's and the fan has 3 to 4 (some fans only have 3, most have 4) so I don't know if it will have the power to drive 4 LED's.

You may want to look at auto color fading LED's.  They're a single package with 2 leads RGB LED that has an integrated color fading controller.  Just plug in 5 volts and it starts fading colors.  You can buy them pretty cheap on eBay (that's where I got my 4 lead individually controlled RGB LED's).  They're easy to use but you can't directly control color and they may have different fade times.

Someone else put together a basic Instructable about this which was part of my inspiration for my project:

Wolf Seril7 years ago
I just read your 'ible on setting up a server. Could you make a more detailed one on setting up SCRDS? My friend and I have been trying to set up a GMod server but have had no luck.
Lebanite8 years ago
Nice Instructables
CalcProgrammer1 (author)  Lebanite8 years ago
Thanks :) I will definitely be posting more as I find things to do or make. I really like this site!