What child, and those who are a child at heart, has not dreamed about flying? Now you can pretend with a beanie with a propellor blade.
The propellor was initially attached to a tiny motor, but the revolutions were so high that it would have been considered a lethal weapon if it had been worn with that configuration. Imagination fires the motor now.

Step 1: Pre-flight Check

You will need
-a hat pattern with six crown pieces
-seam binding
-a tape measure
-a propellor assembly
awesome! but its kinda silly without the motor
Not necessarily. As I said in the intro, I wanted a motor but we couldn't find one that would spin slowly enough. If it is too fast you can't see the blade and someone might get hurt.
Hook it up to a weaker battery. Putting a resistor between the battery and the motor might do it.
when i get home im gunna make onea these
awesome, make it a colored pattern with a different color fer each panel
I likez!
Awesome!!! Must build NAO!!!
video is private
Thank you for telling me. That has been fixed now.

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