Step 4: Finishing Touches.. of Hotness.

The scales are a little darker than the rest of the body, so use a brush and paint the scales. You can use black paint mixed with the already blue mix you used on the body, it will look nice. You can also paint little dots and spots around the plastic sheets to make them "disappear" and make the scales even.

Use hair gel and water to comb your hair all the way back, like Mystique. Using the hair-special orange paint (spray), paint your hair.

Put the yellow contacts on. (Or you can do this first thing if you find it easier.)
You forgot one material for the costume...<br><br>....confidence/large quantities of alocohol.
<p>hello guyssssssssssss</p>
<p>she looks like that superhero girl from marvel...</p>
way cool!
Far out. You look fantastic, great job. However <em>potentially </em>embarrassing for men attending the same event. William has a mind of his own, no stopping him when he has a mind to to show appreciation.
hmm..... &quot;William....&quot;
Uh huh, I might try this for Halloween!&lt;planning my XMen workout now&gt;. Awesome costume, I hope I can do as good of a job as you :)
Please post pictures when done! And if I can help you in anything just say the word!
a pretty body is required for that!<br>congratulations
i am going to take this opportunity to congratulate you on having a wonderful blue booty.
This is the first I'ble I've seen that includes instructions to &quot;Now, take off your clothes.<br> <br> Getting the color right would really be important as evidenced with the photo comparison to the smurfs.&nbsp; You don't want yours to be confused with that other costume.&nbsp;<br> <br> I suppose depending on how daring a person is you could range from au natural to pasties to leotard(s) to several other bra type devices to cover the goodies.&nbsp; Then use lots of painted on latex scales to complete the camouflage.&nbsp;
Here's one with a little less paint to rub off on your friends :P<br>Its a friend of a friend, I don't know her name but I wish I did !<br><br>http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a225/gloorp/Mystique.jpg
The photo.
I like the scales on her face!! Would have been a lot cooler if the scales were darker!!
This is terrific! Where did you get the yellow contacts?
From an optical clinic ;)
Awesome! Very beautiful...keep the good work!
Thanks!! Much appreciated!
I really like the costume, but some of the pictures you put in here were colored with Photoshop, right?
Thanks! The pictures were taken with different cameras, that's why they're all different. The only &quot;mod&quot; I did was the Auto-Correct in Office's Picture Manager.
Entonces eres mexicana? O_o Great ible by the way
Great makeup! The scales add a lot to the mix.<br>About how long did it take to spray all the paint on?
Very fast! The airbrush makes all the magic. Total time: Less than 10 minutes, and I think I'm exagerating.
Vivo en Cuernavaca y no s&eacute; d&oacute;nde est&aacute; ese lugar.<br><br>Either way, grat 'ible!
Como crees?!? Si es de los mejores antros de aqu&iacute; junto con Dubai y Taizz!! Cuando quieras vamos :D.<br><br>Thanks!!
Ser&aacute; porque tiene mucho que no voy a antros (poquito antes de las balaceras)... Se ve bien el lugar!
Any costume that involves a thong is the wins!
Hahahaha you sir are SO right. Let's make this a movement!
How did you attach your scales to your body?
Liquid Latex mate ;)
I think your costume looks great! I love how you accomplished the scaly look she has.
Thank you very much!!

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