with this project I want to hack the regular infographic poster using projection of light. Instead of constructing my visual representation of data using just graphics, I engraved those data on Plexiglas strips using illustrator, rhino, and a CNC milling machine. I designed angle brackets in rhino and printed them 3D in order to hang my content on a vertical surface and give them the possibility to rotate and not be just perpendicular to that surface. Finally I’m projecting light through the Plexiglas, so that the message can be projected on a wall in form of shadow.

I called this project Shadow Poster: I’m designing a typographic poster, but instead of using only digital software, I introduced a crafty element. 

Step 1: Design Your Typography

I used Illustrator to design my typographic poster. I was interested in a visual representation of data of african immigrants try to reach Europe in the last 4 years. But you can apply this concept to whatever message/poster/drawing you are interested in. For the fonts I used a combination of league gothic and helvetica neue.
<p>This is so cool!</p>
Beautiful, both of you
beautiful and subtle advertising or what have you! I love it!

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