For my birthday I got a wood lathe and some turning chisels so I could do some pen turning.  Problem was I had to sharpen the chisels.  I already had a cheap grinder on a stand, so I tried to sharpen them freehand with very inconsistent (usually bad) results.

There are a few jigs that you can attach to your grinder that produce consistent and perfectly sharpened chisels.  Most are made in the US at a reasonable price but the frieght costs to Australia are huge.  The few jigs sold in Australia are over $100 and range towards the $200 mark.

The design I came up with is very similar to the Oneway Wolverine jig.  Many turners have made wooden versions of this jig but I decided to make a steel version.  It cost me around $50 to make.

Step 1: Design

Getting as much information on commercial sharpening jigs as I could I started the design.  It was a very simple design.

Some 30mm square tubing would be attached to the board/stand the router was mounted on.  A 25mm square tube would slide trough the 30 mm tube.  A threaded knob would then lock the 25mm tube in place.  Since I wanted to change the end pieces of the jig a similar system was devised.  Initially the locking knob was to be on the side but I wasn't sure and so the final product had 3 different positions for the knob.

I was worried about too much movement of the 25mm tube inside the 30mm tube.  Ringing a steel supplier I found out that the 30mm tube comes with a wall thickness of 2mm that leaves a 26mm internal size.  Only 1/2 mm gap all around, that's a resonably close fit.  Also since the sqaure tubes have a weld on one wall and may not be perfectly square you can get a fairly tight fit.

The whole design uses only 30mm square tube, 30mm angle, and 25mm square tube.
<p>Nice jig ,well thought out I'm new to wood turning but have always ground my own drills and chisels buy eye.will have ago at this would possibly but a adjustable support to ajust the angle of chisel one flat and one curved,for round chisels</p>
Nicely done. You might find Captain Eddie interesting,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i9RDnJHz9g
Very very impressive.... I just finished my lathe sharpening center with the wolverine system. before I did that though I was using a shop made wood version that gave inconsitant results especially with a six inch wheel.. <br> <br>You have done a FINE job on this Great job! <br>
Interesting, thanks for sharing.
It is nice isn't it?I just picked up <a href="http://i.imgur.com/ieMSq.jpg" rel="nofollow">another grinder</a> this weekend. It needs some work. I am loosening it all up with my PB Blaster.
Those old motors are stronger than present. <br> <br>You remind me that I have to replace my WD40, thanks.
I'm sure if you spend all kinds of money you can still get nice motors today. The good old ones can be a lot cheaper. $5 for that one. I just took the arbors off of it today and wire wheeled the rust off of them. Now I have to take the rest of it apart, clean it, and paint it. I run a dude workshop where everything has to be nice, dude!<br><br>I bet you could brew up a better penetrating oil than WD-40. Then write an Instructable about it!
Very good initiative that of restore and beautify the old engine. <br> <br>No, for me WD40 is the summum! Surely developers had earn a lot of money, they deserve it. One of the great ideas of WD40 was to give it a pleasant smell.
I have the grinder painted now so I figured I'd give you an updated picture of it:<br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/nj6Lj.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/nj6Lj.jpg</a><br> <br> I still have to wire it back up.
Nice motor!
I need to make something like the tool rests in this article for it. I also need to figure out where I am going to set it up. I am getting a little crowded here.
I have the motor all apart and am cleaning it up now to paint.<br><br>One thing PB Blaster isn't is good smelling. It used to be worse though.
Do you have any ideas on how to sharpen skew chisels? I could use an oil stone freehand but currently I'm not skilled enough for that.
great instructable, ingenious idea!
Perfect ! &acirc;€&brvbar; <br>Thanks for sharing !&acirc;€&brvbar;

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