Picture of Shop Made Sanding Disc Arbors
Yesterday I uploaded a Photo Album of the sanding arbors I was making. Today due to the popularity of that I am posting a detailed step by step article of the same project. I'll add the holder I made for it as a special bonus feature at the end too.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

These are the tools I used. If I had a metal lathe I would have used it instead.

Milling machine used as a drill press
Multipurpose Vise
Letter Q twist drill
3/8" X 24 TPI tap
Tap handle
5/8" combination wrench for arbor bolt
3/4" & 7/8" wrenches for T slot hardware
Plunging Wood Router
1/4" spiral up cut router bit
#24 twist drill
3/8" twist drill
9/16" paddle bit
1/4" end mill
45˚  countersink
bench grinder
hack saw
Phillips Screwdriver
6 inch calipers
Combination square
Craft knife
Center Punch
Transfer Punch (see text)
Hole saw (see text)
Hat pin

a piece of Melamine, or MDF large enough to cut (4) 6" diameter circles out of
a small scrap of hardboard (to make the router trammel out of)
an 8D nail for the trammel pin
1/2" OD heavy wall pipe (the pieces I used are about 10" long)
3/8" X 24 TPI bolts about an inch long
2 washers that fit snugly on 3/8" bolts for each arbor made
6" PSA sanding discs assorted grits
80 grit sanding belt

That is about all I can think of now.
agulesin3 months ago

OMG... Sorry but you've lost me on this...

1) How do you cut the circles with the router? Your explanation isn't really clear.

2) What is a Letter Q bit? I guess everyone except myself knows already, but a brief note might be useful for those who don't know! A bit of research shows that it's 0.332 inch/8,4mm.

3) Tapping the pipes photos - that looks more like a "spot the difference" competition; please try to take a photo of the subject (using macro mode if you've got it) or at least crop the photos to show the important details.

Just trying to be helpful, no bad feelings! ;-)

pfred2 (author)  agulesin3 months ago

I did not say this was a beginner project suitable for everyone. By the time you have the equipment to tackle a project like this you'll know what a Q bit is then too.

alpadfer1 year ago