Picture of Shopping bag from plastic shopping bags
Just finished my new plastic shopping bag made from old plastic shopping bags! I recently posted a project on my website (Home-Dzine.co.za) using my DIY super-large crochet hook and the whole idea behind designing the hook was to be able to make a shopping bag with plastic bags. Well, it's done and it only took me 3 days of occasional crochet in front of the TV to finish it.
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Step 1: Cut your bag

Picture of Cut your bag
Gather together all your plastic bags as you will need about 70 to make a shopping bag. Fold each bag over and cut off the top and tail and then cut into 3cm-wide strips.

Step 2: Join strips

Picture of Join strips
Join all your bags together to create one long strip.  Don't stress about how long at this stage as you can easily add on more strips as you work.  Just add enough strips for a comfortable length to work with.  Loop the end of one bag over the other bag and then pull the two ends to join.

Step 3: Starting the bag

Picture of Starting the bag
Make a loop at one end of your long piece of strips and insert the large crochet hook.  If you don't have a large crochet hook I have included instructions on how to make at the end of this tutorial.  To make it easier to see what I am doing I have included a yellow bag in the strip!

Step 4: First stitch

Picture of First stitch
Insert your super-large crochet hook into the loop that you have just made to commence the first stitch.

Step 5: Make the first row

Picture of Make the first row
Loop the hook around the strip so that it fits in the hook and then pull through the look.  Ta-da.  You have now started your chain stitch. Continue to make another 28 stitches in the same way, so that you have a total of 30 stitches hanging down from the hook.
mbates94 months ago
What size hook are you using? The largest I have is N but I'm not sure if it's big enough
donaoh2 years ago
I still use the plastic crochet bag which my mother used as my baby bag 30 years ago and it still works perfectly. Make sure you dont use biodegradable bags though. These bags stretch really well when used and once emptied return to their original shape.
l8nite3 years ago
Great projects thanks for sharing
rimar20003 years ago
Recycling is helping the planet, thanks for sharing.
Love the giant crochet hook! The bag is fantastic too. :D