Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights





Introduction: Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

A true expression of redneck pride.....

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

Strand of Christmas lights.
Lots of 20-gauge shotgun shells. ( used! )*
A pair of pliers.

And a lot of patience...

*be sure to clean your shells well. You should also polish the metal end of the shells if they are old or rusty.

Step 2: Work....

Okay, Take a look at your shotgun shells.
At one end, there are ridges where the shell was unfolded as it was fired.  
Take your pliers and re-crease the ridges so that they are nice and crisp. Your shells should look stars when viewed from the top.

Step 3: More Work.....

Now grab one of the points of the star with your pliers and push it into the center of the shell.
Repeat this on all of the points until the shell looks somewhat like it did before it was fired.

Take a bulb from your Christmas lights and push it into the center of the shell where all the points meet. It should push the folded ridges into the shell.  These ridges provide a secure fit for the bulb. The shell should now be firmly attached and should not be able to slide off.

Now repeat over and over until you have covered all of your light bulbs.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now plug 'em in and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Try and experiment with different colors of lights and shotgun shells.  If you have a favorite combination, feel free to post it!



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I'm going to redesign this using led lighs so they last longer and more important, they fit in the primer hole after you remove it, so all the plastic part of the cartidge is illuminated

That sounds like a great improvement.


Has anyone ever tried just doing a crimp using a reloading press and still able to get the bulb through?

nice work i will start collecting the empty shell you found useful end for them :)

can you sugest some sites to buy used shot gun shells?

better yet, actually use your shotgun! then it's a win win you get the shells you needed, and you got practice shooting your shotgun!

Why would you buy them online?
Assuming you live in a country that allows for the civilian ownership of shotguns, or firearms in general, just pop down to your local range (outdoor range) and look or ask about to see if they have a pile of them laying about. Most places that don't make you take them home with you will have them somewhere.
Worst case scenario is they don't, and you'll just have to go searching at a different range.

Awesome! Might just have to make me some of these!

Actually saw some for sale at Tractor Supply this year