Just because you're a female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, doesn't mean you are stuck dressing as April O'Neil.

Both of these costumes are quick and cheap to make and will have you terrorizing the turtles at your next Halloween party.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For the Shredder:

bike helmet - $0 - used helmets are easy to find for free since they're not supposed to be sold for safety reasons
foam camping mat - $0 - found in the trash (check freecycle, craiglist or your parents' garage)
grey dress - $2 - purchased at a charity sale
purple fabric - $6 - purchased at a charity sale
craft foam - $5
silver paint - $7 for 2 bottles
thin cardboard - $0 - from the recycling bin
acrylic floor finish - you'll need less than a quarter of a bottle
velcro & elastic - already owned
epoxy & glue gun
black belt, tights and boots - already owned

For the Foot:
Leftover materials from making Shredder
Black outfit
Sword or other ninja weapons
wow you look like a beautiful ninja
Perfect! I think I like the Shredder arm pieces the best!

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